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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

May 2nd, 1946
06:47 hours
Bonn Germany

Sir all communications with West Berlin have been cut. It happened about 10 minutes ago.

We also have reports of a massive attack on our forward air bases all over West Germany. A number of bases have lost phone contact and we are not receiving any signals of any kind.

What was that sir?

Yes I estimate that 75% of our forward bases are either under attack or have been destroyed. No sir I wish to god this was a drill.

Yes sir it is my professional opinion that we are under a massive attack and that the Reds have started WWIII. No sir I have no idea why they have attacked nor what their objectives are.

Excuse me a second sir...It appears that we now have Red Army units that are now crossing the border under a heavy rolling artillery barrage. Yes sir the report says that our units are being destroyed where they stand. Sir we must pull back and fight a delaying action. We cannot stand up to this initial attack with the units we have.

Hell sir all of the units are at half strength how are we supposed to stop a Soviet S2 heavy tank with our pop guns. Most of our heavy artillery was destroy by those flying tanks that came screaming in at 250mph and spitting 23mm cannon shells and rockets. What sir... OK I got it…Sturmoviks… they are called Sturmoviks.

My question for you is where is our air cover? These freekin Stormo...whatever the hell they're called are all over us. You can't shoot them down from the ground. They're like flying tanks and they are killing our armor and any strong points we setup. It's like 1940 with us as the French. We need air support.

I don't even know if we can pull back without air cover. We need air cover and we need it now. We are dead meat with these things flying around.

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