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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The White House May 2nd, 1946 0300 hours

May 2nd, 1946

03:00 Eastern Standard time

White House

Washington, D.C.

Sorry to wake you mister President but our worst fears have come true the Soviets have attacked all along the front in Western Germany.

Do you remember our briefing in April sir? Yes it is all starting to happen just as we feared. Our frontline troops are being overrun (god help them) and our air assets were caught on the ground. Yes sir just like Pearl. Pretty amazing how we keep getting our clock cleaned by surprise attacks. Luckily they have no long range bombers and fighters for any kind of strategic attack but they have a hell of a tactical and operational reach.

Our troops are getting slaughtered sir. I urgently suggest that we implement the plan that the Joint Chiefs were discussing for just this eventuality. It's pretty hard to brief you in your pajamas sir. Well the short version is we fallback and do a fighting retreat. We need the order now to fallback sir and to try and save as many as possible.

Yes sir I know it will mean abandoning millions of our allies to the communists. I agree with you sir but staying and fighting will just get us killed at this point. We must fall back to in order to survive to fight another day. As you recall sir we only have 22 divisions and they are at half strength. The estimate is we are facing upwards of 100 divisions between the Soviets and their red allies.

You know sir Albania, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria. Yes sir all those Balkan countries. They are well equipped and trained enough to take out Italy and Greece who are just about our only allies besides France on the Northern Mediterranean coast.

Sir may I suggest that we don't have time for this now. I highly recommend that you order a general withdrawal towards France. A fighting withdrawal would sound better to the press. We need to do it now.

Thank you sir.

Major Grabowski get your ass in here. Issue general order 4598 authorizing a fighting retreat towards France for all allied forces now in Germany. We will make our first stand on the Rhine.

You made the right decision sir. It will save countless lives in the end. Yes sir I will have a briefing set up for 06:00.

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