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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Reds Across the Rhine

Reds Across the Rhine
Soviet Pravda reports that Red Army units have crossed the Rhine in 3 locations.
By Rex Lemond
June 2nd, 1946
In an unusual communique the Soviet Government announced that it's units have crossed the vaunted Rhine River in West Germany. This was supposed to be where the newly minted NATO forces stopped the Red Armies units. It's width, old defensive works and lack of bridges where supposed to be insurmountable. It was thought that the Red Armies lack of amphibious assault equipment and expertise would make the Rhine a natural defensive line the would stop the Reds in their tracks.
According to Soviet sources this has not been the case and they claim to have found numerous bridges intact all along the river. It has been rumored that the speed of the Red Army's advance coupled with conflicting orders have led to at least 3 bridges not being destroyed. Two of these bridges were the temporary bridges ironically constructed by the US Army along with over 60 others.
"We just didn't have the manpower or communications to get the job done." stated a Major who would not identify himself. Reports pour in of Soviet tanks lined up like "on parade" crossing the Rhine.
The Soviet leaderships stated goal of preventing the B29 Super Fortress bomber from being based in Western Germany has long since been shown to be an excuse for the blatant conquest of Western Europe. The base was overrun the fist day of the surprise attack and yet the Red Army has continued to slaughter innocent non-combatants in it's quest for what appears to be world dominance.

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