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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

United States Army Air Force HQ

Washington, DC
July 8th, 1946

Well Hap when are we going to hit them back? I'm tired of getting licked and turning tail. I know that Operation Louisville Slugger should give us something to cheer about but we need something more substantial. When are you going to be ready?

There have been a few problems to overcome as you might well imagine Mr. President. First we had to recover from the losses we took in the initial Soviet attack. Not just in planes but in manpower and expertise. All our best mechanics where on the front lines and are now in Soviet prisons (I hope).

Your plan for the draft is working and we are starting to get many veterans back but it is just taking time. It's only been two months since the Reds attacked.

How's that damn pit in England coming? I want to show them the power of an atomic explosion if they don't back down.

Again sir it's a little more complicated than you would imagine. You have ordered and rightfully so, that we don't use the atomic weapon on Western European soil and I totally agree. We cannot leave a atomic wasteland as our legacy. We also don't want to just kill a bunch of Soviet civilians. Stalin will hold them hostage and even if we tell them that we are going to bomb Moscow for instance he would not let them evacuate. He would turn tail and run anyway and just keep fighting from somewhere else and use the civilian deaths as martyrs. So we have to choose our targets very carefully even if we had atom bombs to spare, which we don't.

Our conventional bombing campaign in Europe taught us some very good lessons.

1. Bombing civilians will not destroy their moral. It only makes them want to fight harder.

2. Concentrating on many industries just doesn't work. For example we blasted the German's plane factories yet they produced more than ever before in 1944.

3. Bombing transportation hubs and rail lines is only marginally effective.

4. The way we defeated the German air force was by shooting them down faster than they could train good pilots. There were plenty of planes but no one to fly them. Just like the Japs.

Now can we do that to the Reds? Can we out produce them in good, trained pilots? They have had a years head start on us. Their air force was bigger than ours at the end of the war. They just concentrated on tactical and operational level and not on strategic level like we did. There is no intelligence to say they have not changed their focus and retrained their Sturmovik pilots to fly fighters. They've had a lot of time to do that.

5. They only have to concentrate on fighters while we have to have both bombers and escorts. There's many a co-pilot in those bombers who could be a good fighter pilot. They have the luxury of training that co-pilot to fly a fighter.

6. Bombing oil production and refineries works. You have to keep at it but it eventually works.

7. We can reach their oil but they can't reach ours but they can reach Europe's oil in the Mid-East and of course add it to their own.

Well what about the atomic bomb? Once we have enough we'll just use them to destroy their country and industry.

That's true sir but there are a few more things that you have to know before making an educated decision on this matter. The atomic bomb pretty much destroys and makes uninhabitable the area it explodes over. We can't even use the effected area to even travel through. The radiation contaminates everything and kills over time. The area in the short run is useless for any normal human purpose including an invasion route.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the combat radius of a Silver Plated B29 is less than the 1600 mi at 25,000 ft. carrying an atomic bomb. Those bombs are over 10,000 lbs and take an enormous amount of fuel to deliver. We can get much better range at lower altitude but then the bulk of the Soviet air force can reach us. So we really have to concentrate on their oil production and killing their pilots like we did with the Krauts and the Japs. Killing their civilians will not be productive in the long run and we have only a vague idea where their critical factories are.

All well and good Hap but as you are quite aware of no one ever won the next war by fighting it like the last war. So there could be all sorts of twists and turns we are going to have to adapt to.

You're right sir but the bottom line is that we have the atomic bomb and they don't.

I know Hap but I just can't go throwing around atomic bombs like they are candy. Most of the civilians in those Soviet cities are completely innocent. A number of questions come to mind such as can we deliver it effectively before they develop one of their own? Can we make them say uncle before then without having to invade that God awful place? Now that we are only starting to ramp up again how long will it take till we hit somewhere near full production? Then there is the question of the assembly teams.

As you know Hap we have a number of traitors and spies in the atomic program. We have to find them and find them quick.

Yes sir we have some problems to overcome. I have to say sir you're a very quick learner.

I've had to be Hap...I've had to be.

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