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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2556 meters over the USS Missouri

06:01 Red one…Red four…I’m on his tail when he climbed taking fire from tail gunner… left wing hit… I’m going in… Red four get out…get out… Got my first kill. That will teach you Yankee. Never try and shoot down a Terror Bomber from the rear. Now to do what I was trained to do. Split S…flaps…damn anti air…they didn’t train us for this much. This is too much for me to make it. It’s like a wall of explosions. Ha...there shooting in the wrong direction. What are they shooting at? Never mind if you die…die killing them. Line it up just like training. That ship is huge. Much bigger than the Soyuz we use for training. Steady…steady…release now. Pull up…pull…pull…now go, go, go. Speed is my only defense. Look in periscope. No one following. Ahh too bad Yakoff is down. Looks like two ships hit. Such explosions. I even feel pity for the sailors. They are just pawns for the capitalists. Pawns that need to be killed to save the vast minions. Keep your mind on survival Yuri. Keep your mind clear. Make haste less a Shooting Star comes up from behind.

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