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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cockpit of former German AR234 Blitz Bomber Serial number 140312

96 meters above sea level
801 kmh
Over Lion-Sur-Mer, France
This is it Yuri. This is what you’ve been trained to do. Six months and you’ve seen a lot of comrades die trying to perfect just what you are about to do. Keep the speed up. That is your greatest weapon…your speed. Be steady on the throttle. Watch for flame out. No sudden acceleration or large increase in fuel. Jumos catch fire easily. Only the Yankee Shooting Star can keep up with you. That’s why you don’t have any forward firing guns and just the 20mm in the back. Every enemy will be behind you but not for long as you speed past their astonished faces… you hope. No need to worry. You were the best shot in attack school. No one can touch you in your Terror Bomber. The same does not go for Sirnove. He was a terrible shot but the best dive bomber they have ever trained. Too each his strengths. Keep it below 100 meters. No radar for you to tell of my arrival. Look at the faces of the trolls on the ground as you fly by. What’s the matter have you never seen death so close and moving so fast? You are an arrow flying straight into the heart of the enemy. The NATO pigs will pay for my brothers death. They will pay today and for many todays to come. There is the coast... time to climb straight up and pounce while their mouths are still gapping in astonishment. Ahhhh the force…don’t black out…just like you trained…breath…Oh you beauty how you can climb. Damn…2000 meters in seconds. There is the target nice and fat. Hello Yankee Pigs here I am. Here is death.

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