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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gorky Park Bench 348

Gorky Park
Bench 348
July 26th, 1946
15:25 hours

We now know the date and location of the American’s first raid. There will be one and possibly two Abombs in the bomber force.

How are the preparations coming along?

Very well. The Mig 9 is proving to be a good interceptor and can reach over 14,000 meters. Along with its 37 mm cannon it will be a formidable opponent. Our sources have confirmed that the escorts for the raid will be the Mustangs and not the new American jet. They are so very confident in their Superfortress that they are not willing to risk their jet engine falling into our hands. Little do they know that we have all we need already to produce one.

Ha! If the Mig 9 performs as it has during our war games it should be an easy match for the Mustangs and even eventually the Shooting Star. I’ve heard it’s not as fast as the American jet but should be able to out-turn it. So in the end it is faster than the Mustangs and can out-turn the Shooting Star.

Yes that is the theory and our pilots have all been trained to attack the enemy in the proper manner. They will dive and climb to attack the Mustangs and try to get the Shooting Stars into a fight of circles and try to turn inside them. The Mig's real task is to present a threat that the escorts cannot ignore while the real killing is done by remote control. They are all flown by our best pilots and should be able to do quite well against the veteran Americans. From what we have learned many of America’s best pilots did not stay in the military and still have not come back. We also killed many of their best during the first hours of the War to Liberate Europe. The capitalist pigs are too busy making money. They would rather become rich than fight for their former foes and allies.

So it is a case of our best pilots against their training program. We should have parity for a long time. Sergo has studied the weaknesses of both the German and Japanese air warfare programs. We are not oil poor as the Germans were and we can keep our planes in the air and train the new pilots. And unlike the Japanese we are putting an emphasis on training new pilots. On another subject engineers have been able to greatly enhance the reliability of the RD-21 engine. But of course this is not our main weapon in the fight to keep the American Superfortress from destroying our cities. That Sergo Peskova fellow has placed much of his faith in missile technology and the Teppops to fire the X4. The Teppops are very vulnerable to the American jets so we have devised a way to hide their crucial role. Hopefully they will go on killing B29s at an alarming rate and all of the so called Silver Plates caring the Abombs. Again we have to make it look like chance that we were able to shoot them down otherwise our plan would be compromised. We are counting on their arrogance to defeat them until we can produce the weapons we need to defeat them with our strength and not just our wits.

Let’s hope it all works. I prefer brute force rather than a chess match myself but so far Peshkova and his chess board are all that Stalin listens to.

So how many Migs do we have?

Just 20 as of today but again we don’t need many to accomplish our mission. Their goal is to divert attention away from the Teppops and to create confusion as to what is doing the greatest damage. The hope is that it will take the Americans months to figure it out and by then we will have new tricks up our sleeve and we can then use the brute force of numbers I prefer.

How many of these Teppops do we have?

Let me look at the latest report…ah we have 34 and they carry 2 missiles each. We shall see how much confusion they can cause but they will be really concentrating on the planes carrying the atomic bombs. Our cities can withstand a conventional bombing campaign given the new weapons we have developed but not the atomic bomb. We have to stop that most evil of weapons 100% of the time. Not one must be allowed to be detonated.

I was talking to Andre and the ground missiles are performing quite well. We are running out of Tupolev SBs. They are shooting them down quite regularly at heights up to 10,000 kilometers. You’ll get a laugh out of this … I was talking to Novikov and the best missile operators are women… specifically women from the Chechnya area. That clown Sergo was doing his testing in Siberia where many Chechens were placed after their rebellion and the men placed quite high in the skills needed. Then it was discovered that the highest scoring individuals were actually women pretending to be men. Possibly trying to avoid being raped we never were able to discover exactly why but I digress. It seems that here is something in these women’s racial heritage that makes them excellent missile operators and they have an uncanny ability to steer the missiles right to the target. It’s quite amazing I have heard.

Well we shall see won’t we? That brings back a memory. I remember reading about an American Indian tribe whose members were fearless at great heights and the capitalist pigs forced them to build their sky scrapers. It must be a kind of similar gift or curse. I would not want to be many stories high working to make another man rich. Hopefully our Missile Women will love shooting down the American bombers and saving their children in the process.

Yes we shall see. I hope for Leningrad’s sake it will all work in our favor.

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