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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

On The English Channel

Le Harve, France
June 17th, 1946
Northern Group of Forces HQ
So all reports say that the British and Americans have run away and we own the continent.
Our units are proceeding cautiously and the NATO rear gaurd has surrended en mass. It appears that the evacuation was completed last night and early this morning. They snuck out like possums from a garage can. There are troubling reports however.
Yes and what are those?
Our people in England say there are no great numbers of Americans in the evacuees.
That is why we must proceed with caution but still proceed with haste in clearing all of France the then Spain of every American soldier. We cannot defeat their navies but we an defeat their armies and then prevent them from ever setting foot on the shores of the greater USSR. Once we clear the areas then we send in the commisars who will change their way of thinking forever.
The Americans never had more than 20 understrength divisions in Europe before the liberation. We can account for 10 divisions destroyed or captured so where are the other 10 and how many could have come from America in 60 days? That and were are they located are my main concerns.
We will catch them and put them back on their horses like Tom Mix to ride into the Western sunset

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