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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stalin's Private Office
July 13th
1358 hours

So Sergo what is the situation as you see it?

Comrade Stalin thank you for seeing me and asking such an astute question. The NATO command now knows that we have used our own resources and combined them with our liberated Nazi technology to create what they could not. Our Terror Bomber has done its job and for the loss of one we have sunk or destroyed two battleships and they have cancelled their little game in the English Channel.

We can expect them to test our defenses against their B29 Super Fortress soon from the information you have given me. I am confident that we will be able to defeat a major raid if given the information about when and where it is to be. We have had over two years to study the B29 and we have developed 2 main counter measures to their existence. We only lack the numbers of weapons needed to cover all of our major strategic targets. With the proper preparation we will be able to confuse and confound the bombers and their escorts. They will not be able to determine just what we have done that has enabled us to destroy them in great numbers. I estimate that we will achieve a 20% or better destruction rate with a 80% chance of shooting down any bomber carrying an Abomb.

The NKVD is taking care of the when and where Sergo. I have been assured that we will have at least two weeks notice of the impending attack.

Then there should be no delay in my receiving that information!

Yes Sir Mr. Sergo!

Oh excuse me your Excellency…I get carried away sometimes.

By the way Sergo what do you need 100 hamsters for?

That actually is a personal project comrade.

Just make sure it does not interfere with your work Sergo.

I would not dream of it comrade.

You are dismissed Sergo... Major Nikolai recall Sokolovsky to the Kremlin. I want to discuss the location of the Yankees.

They seem to have disappeared. There are at least 10 divisions unaccounted for from all indications and reports from the NKVD.

I would know nothing about that comrade.

Of course you don’t Sergo that’s why I need to talk to Sokolovsky. I said you are dismissed Sergo.

Thank you comrade.

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