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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Torvilleirs, France

July 22st, 1946
09:03 hours
Soviet OMSBON Operational Group Restless
M.G. Karamazov Commander

The following report is submitted.

17 July 1946
The advance continued, with other elements of the Division passing through CT 23, leaving the Regiment on orders to scout the route ahead. We are to gather intelligence on the location of American units.

18 July 1946
Interrogated villager near Bagneuax. The American forces passed through in great numbers 7 or 8 days ago after destroying a large fuel depot. Story confirmed by another eye witness and inspection of destroyed facility. We appear to be moving too fast for the American air forces to re-base and attack us. We are going faster than they anticipated and have had to destroy their fuel dumps rather then let them fall into our hands. We are far from the coast and have not seen any NATO planes in the air. We have heard radio reports of interdiction attacks near the coastline by the NATO naval forces.

19 July 1946
No contacts today. Strafed by Sturmoviks from 347 Squadron. One casualty. Unable to communicate with aircraft. Found 2 more destroyed fuel depots along the route. Food is plentiful but Americans are destroying all fuel depots including farmers supplies.

20 July 1946
Still no contact with American forces. Local population has not seen any NATO units for 8 days. They appear to be moving quite fast and destroying all fuel supplies along their route. A local farmer was hoarding 2 50 gal drums of diesel which we liberated for our own use. The farmer objected but then was persuaded to support the revolution to free his country from Capitalism. He was in such ecstasy that he appeared to have a heart attack.

21 July 1946
Made contact with American engineering squad. We prevented them from destroying a large fuel depot. I believe they did not succeed in warning their superiors of their failure. We formed a defensive parameter and are waiting further orders.

22 July 1946
Relieved by advanced units of the 6th Tank Army and continued to Orleans. No sign of recent American presence. We were told that the depot we saved had over 100,000 gallons of aviation fuel. We have been suggested for a commendation.

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