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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Contact with the 20th

Sir we just had contact from the 20th Armored. Stanley and Feingold crashed landed with the radio.

Well spit it out Watkins …what did Green have to say for himself and about his situation? Get him on the horn now!

Sir we didn’t speak to General Green.

Well who did you speak to then? Don’t make me keep asking questions you moron tell me the whole story.

Sir … yes sir. It seems that it was a Private Johnson and he was under fire the whole time the conversation took place. He said that General Green and his staff where cut off and possibly captured while checking on the Soviet units to their South. He also mentioned that the “supply guys” were in trouble as well. We assume he means the 49th Quartermaster Group. As I said before he was under fire in the crashed plane and didn’t have much time. He asked about an escape route towards the East and a town named Vigiolis. The officer on duty made an on the spot decision due to the precarious nature of Private Johnson’s situation. He told the private to have the M26 Pershings be a rear guard and the reminder of the command was to head east towards Vigiolis and then south to Objat. Then the radio went dead sir.

Jesus Christ!

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