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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Patton

Washington DC
Lunch Room
August 3rd, 1946
11:56 hours

Heard the news?

What now?

The top brass is dropping the M26 and going with a Brit job.
No shit? Which one?

I think it's called the Sentry or Centurion or something like that. There making the switch like almost overnight. The Brits sent over engineers and designers and they're gearing up in Detroit like no one's business. They've also decided to increase the numbers of the M36 Jackson. It's a fast son of a bitch. It can hit 50 in the straight away and packs a 90mm wallop. I guess the thinking is that the Centurion can go toe to toe with the Soviet heavies while the Jackson can out maneuver the bastards and act as a more mobile defense. Kind of like using the best of the best for grabbing em by the nose and hitting em in the rear.

Patton would have liked that.

Now that you mention it I think I heard they're going to name the American version of the Centurion the Patton. They're going to put a 90 and a 50 instead of the 17lbr and 20mm it had in it.

Huh. I wonder what made them change their mind so fast. It's very strange behavior for a bunch of top brass.

I heard Churchill and Truman had something to do with it plus the fact that the M26 is getting quite a nickname for itself anyway.

Yeah what're they calling it?

They're calling it the Pushing because you have to push em out of the way.

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