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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fighter Combat Report

Fighter Combat Report

8th Air Army 16th Fighter Squadron
Soviet Army Airforce
Combat Report
August 10th, 1946
17:34 Hours


A. Mission No. 83,16th Fighter Squadron 9 Yak 9UTs

B. Defend airspace over Koltin Island

C. Time of attack: 0730/K Altitude, 8-10,000 feet

D. I was element leader in Red Flight an we took off at 0625/K From the Leningrad area and flew to Hogland Island and awaited orders. We were instructed in the pre-flight to gain as much altitude as we could and be prepared to use our superior height to our advantage. We were told that the US B29 Super Fortress would be our adversary.

The prescribed method of attack was to stay 1km to the rear of the bomber and use our 38mm cannon to shoot them down. This tactic would only work if we were allowed to stay in position unmolested.

The few Mig 9s and Tu2s were to draw off the escorts to allow us to do our work. In addition the missile attacks were designed to break up the bombers formations.

For the most part the plan was a success. I was to remain virtually unmolested as I closed in on a lone B29 who had left the formation and attempted to dive to freedom. I stayed behind the bomber along with my wingman and hit the bomber with three out of 5 shots. This was enough to bring the Superfortress down into the Baltic Sea.

My wingman got too close and was hit by the bombers 20mm cannons. He had to ditch in the water and was picked up by the rescue services.

On the flight back to the rendezvous point I witnessed several similar engagements between fighters and bombers.

Two P51s chase me as I was attempting to gain altitude over Koltin Island and they finally gave up when a pair of Yak 15s chased them off shooting down one. I left the area at 0925/K.

E. I claim one B29, destroyed.

Maior Nicolai Shumilov

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