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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the Dordogne

August 4th, 1946

09:03 hours

Soviet OMSBON Operational Group Bolt

C.P Penkin Commander

This is getting frustrating Vasily. The American’s are just out of reach. They stay just far enough ahead that we can’t catch them yet they can turn on us at any moment and punch us in the face and then run again.

Shhhh…AH GOT IT!

Good catch. Let’s see what a fish from the Dordogne taste like.

Did you hear what fine treasures the those pierogi eaters from the 18th gathered from the Americans they captured? Cigarettes, liquor, watches, lighters just amazing things. Oh I want to catch some Americans so bad. Why do they run? Don’t they want to fight us godless communists? The quality of their weapons is breathtaking. Every tank has its own radio. You don’t have to filter their fuel, parts fit. I think we have to win very soon before their factories smother us in luxury.

No wonder they fight so badly. Who would want to leave their land of plenty to fight for these French and what’s left of the Krauts. Soon we will be rid of them but their treasures will go with them.

I have yet to catch one myself. Maybe we can get one before they get on their boats and float away.

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