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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quiet Down Please

Washington D.C.
August 12th, 1946

Quiet down please. Thank you. We’ve been given the task of gathering all the facts we can about the Leningrad raid, figuring out what happened and then to come up with a solution. Some of you have been involuntarily drafted and essentially dragged out of your homes in order to participate. We apologies but this blue ribbon committee has got to come up with a solution to our problem. Phil could you please outline what we know in broad terms?

Thank you Jim. This information is top secret, hence that is why all the cloak and dagger. A strategic raid was designed and executed on August 10th.
It was a small raid consisting of 242 B29s, 52 P51 escorts and 1 atomic bomb laden B29 and 1 empty a-bomb capable B29. As many of you know these last 2 planes are referred to as Silver Plates. From what we can piece together here is the chain of events.

As the raid approached Kotlin Island 30 miles West of the target Leningrad. What looked like 30 or so V2 type rockets lifted off and streaked towards the bombers.

8 to 9 of these missiles seemed to be directed into the bombers and hit and destroyed the same number of B29s.

1 of these missiles missed the bombers and hit one of the escorting P51 with the explosion so large that it critically damaged 4 other escorts flying nearby.

Many of the others appeared to be directed for a time but somehow lost contact and exploded harmlessly above and below the bomber stream

Following shortly after the ground launched missile attack a large number of what we think were Tu2 medium bombers launched dozens of rockets in the direction of the bombers.

There were some long nosed radial single engine fighters near the Tu2s of unknown design. Probably an escort that did engage the P51s. There was one report of the fighters also launching missiles at the bombers.

Some of these rockets again seemed to be guided by an invisible hand and slammed into the bomber formations with 24 B29s being destroyed in a matter of 3 minutes.

30 of the escorts were ordered to engage the medium bombers and as they did so the targeted Tu2s dove for the ground.

This last missile/rocket attack on the bomber force started to panic the formations and individual bombers tried to dodge the oncoming rockets and missiles. This caused 10 or 11 mid-air collisions which further panicked the bomber forces.

Chaos ensued and it was soon every plane for itself.

Waiting just out of gun range were an estimated 500 conventional Soviet fighters. Most were Yak 9UT models and perhaps a hundred Lag 7 models.
In addition there were 2 groups of 10 jets each of Soviet design. One group was a two engine job and the other a single engine air frame that looked very similar to a Yak 3.

These fighters used their superior positions and appeared to wait for the opportunity to pounce on any bomber who broke formation and ran as well as using their advantage on the escorting P51s who were low and slow after chasing medium bombers.

The portion of the TU2s who dove to escape the P51s dove to tree top level and then seemed to drag the Mustangs to pre arranged areas where high concentrations of anti-air guns were operational.

Between the Soviet fighters and ground based flak traps 21 fighters failed to return to their temporary Swedish bases.

Of the 242 bombers 73 failed to return to either their bases in England or the emergency bases in Sweden.

Both of the Silverplate B29s were shot down along with the Mark III atomic bomb.

The fate of the Mark III is unknown. It is possible that it survived intact and is on the floor of the Baltic Sea in Soviet Territory. Both bombers exploded in mid-air with no survivors.

It appears that our former allies have used their captured German scientists and the almost 12 months of peace in Western Europe to excellent use. They have developed some new weapons systems that were able to make this first battle of the strategic air war a disaster for the Army Air Corps.

Your job is to …

Figure out what the hell happened.

Come up with counter measures to prevent it from happening again

Implement a plan to use those counter measures that will enable us to put an end to this war.

You have unlimited authority to use any asset you may need to accomplish this task. This project is currently the highest priority of this war. You will not see your families and relatives until you accomplish your goal. You are possibly the key to winning or losing this war.

Thank you Phil…any questions? Good, now get to work.

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