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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The White House May 2nd, 1946 0300 hours

May 2nd, 1946

03:00 Eastern Standard time

White House

Washington, D.C.

Sorry to wake you mister President but our worst fears have come true the Soviets have attacked all along the front in Western Germany.

Do you remember our briefing in April sir? Yes it is all starting to happen just as we feared. Our frontline troops are being overrun (god help them) and our air assets were caught on the ground. Yes sir just like Pearl. Pretty amazing how we keep getting our clock cleaned by surprise attacks. Luckily they have no long range bombers and fighters for any kind of strategic attack but they have a hell of a tactical and operational reach.

Our troops are getting slaughtered sir. I urgently suggest that we implement the plan that the Joint Chiefs were discussing for just this eventuality. It's pretty hard to brief you in your pajamas sir. Well the short version is we fallback and do a fighting retreat. We need the order now to fallback sir and to try and save as many as possible.

Yes sir I know it will mean abandoning millions of our allies to the communists. I agree with you sir but staying and fighting will just get us killed at this point. We must fall back to in order to survive to fight another day. As you recall sir we only have 22 divisions and they are at half strength. The estimate is we are facing upwards of 100 divisions between the Soviets and their red allies.

You know sir Albania, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria. Yes sir all those Balkan countries. They are well equipped and trained enough to take out Italy and Greece who are just about our only allies besides France on the Northern Mediterranean coast.

Sir may I suggest that we don't have time for this now. I highly recommend that you order a general withdrawal towards France. A fighting withdrawal would sound better to the press. We need to do it now.

Thank you sir.

Major Grabowski get your ass in here. Issue general order 4598 authorizing a fighting retreat towards France for all allied forces now in Germany. We will make our first stand on the Rhine.

You made the right decision sir. It will save countless lives in the end. Yes sir I will have a briefing set up for 06:00.

May 2nd, 1946 Soviet Attack News Reel

A news reel of the Soviet attack just came in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

May 2nd, 1946
06:47 hours
Bonn Germany

Sir all communications with West Berlin have been cut. It happened about 10 minutes ago.

We also have reports of a massive attack on our forward air bases all over West Germany. A number of bases have lost phone contact and we are not receiving any signals of any kind.

What was that sir?

Yes I estimate that 75% of our forward bases are either under attack or have been destroyed. No sir I wish to god this was a drill.

Yes sir it is my professional opinion that we are under a massive attack and that the Reds have started WWIII. No sir I have no idea why they have attacked nor what their objectives are.

Excuse me a second sir...It appears that we now have Red Army units that are now crossing the border under a heavy rolling artillery barrage. Yes sir the report says that our units are being destroyed where they stand. Sir we must pull back and fight a delaying action. We cannot stand up to this initial attack with the units we have.

Hell sir all of the units are at half strength how are we supposed to stop a Soviet S2 heavy tank with our pop guns. Most of our heavy artillery was destroy by those flying tanks that came screaming in at 250mph and spitting 23mm cannon shells and rockets. What sir... OK I got it…Sturmoviks… they are called Sturmoviks.

My question for you is where is our air cover? These freekin Stormo...whatever the hell they're called are all over us. You can't shoot them down from the ground. They're like flying tanks and they are killing our armor and any strong points we setup. It's like 1940 with us as the French. We need air support.

I don't even know if we can pull back without air cover. We need air cover and we need it now. We are dead meat with these things flying around.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

May 2nd, 1946

May 2nd, 1946
05:42 hours
Advanced Signal Corps Station
West Germany

Sorry to wake you sir but we have multiple boggies coming in from the East.

Yes sir I agree it probably is the Soviets returning to their duty stations in East Germany from the May Day Parade in Moscow. I apologize for bothering you and under normal circumstances I won't have called. If you remember sir the general orders we received about the threat of a Soviet surprise attack sometime in May? Well sir the trouble is that I estimate that there are a whole hell of a lot of more returning aircraft than left.

I would estimate that there are over 10 times more. They don't have the landing fields for all those planes under normal circumstances.

Yes sir we checked the calibration on the SCR-584 and it is working just fine. No sir I haven't been drinking. Yes sir I will await further orders.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A White House Briefing April 1946

April 1st, 1946 13:00 hours

White House briefing room

Washington DC

Mr. President thank you for your time. I have just a few facts for you today. My purpose is to inform you of an imminent threat. We believe that our former ally, the USSR, is planning a sneak attack. We believe that the attack will start on or before May 15th, 1946.

We have discovered a spy ring in Los Alamos, NM and in other Manhattan Project facilities. We fear that certain facts have been passed on to the NKVD and from there to Stalin himself. These facts include

1. The actual number of functional Mark III atomic bombs.

2. The time it takes to assemble these bombs.

3. The exact weight and configuration of these bombs.

4. The number of assembly teams available and their locations and identities

5. The number of specially designed B29 bombers that can carry the devices.

6. The number and location of the pits needed to load the devices into the bomber.

7. How many hours of shelf life these devises have before they have to be disassembled and then reassembled again.

What this means is that Stalin may no longer fear the Atomic bomb in its present form. He now knows how vulnerable these devices and the bombers that deliver them are.

We also have reason to believe that he is in possession of information as to how many devices our own military believes is necessary to defeat the Soviet Army. The lowest estimate is in the order of 70 and all 70 must be 100 percent efficient. So in reality this means at least 140 devices minimum are needed.

We further believe that the basing of the B29s in West Germany was a grave error and gives Stalin the causa belli that he needs to convince his military and populous that we are going to attack first. This in turn leads to the conclusion that he must attack us first before we can use our atomic bombs. It appears to be a terrible misunderstanding that could cause WWIII.

In addition 19 out of the 22 member of the assembly teams have been attacked and 15 have been killed. Someone knew the identities and importance of those individuals. There "accidents" have crippled our Abomb program for at least 6 months.

What was that sir? Oh yes we can certainly fill you in on the 7 facts.

1. We only have 4 devices. Yes that is correct sir only 4. We had 6 but of course we used 2 on Japan.

2. It takes over 2 days to assemble the device.

3. The two different models weight 8,900 and 10,000 lbs each. Yes sir they are very large and that is why we need the pits to load them.

4. Currently we only have 2 trained assembly teams and as I told you earlier they have been put out of action for at least 6 months.

5. We have 12 Silver Plate B29s that are capable of loading the Mark III atomic bomb.

6. The two pits we have are in the Okinawa and England.

7. The devices have to be use within 48 hours of assembly.

Some other factors to consider that we believe the Soviets are aware of.

Troop strengths

We currently have 22 divisions in Europe. The British have 12 and the French 8. Almost all are at half strength. Even a relatively small force of 60 full strength Soviet divisions would cut through our lines like a hot knife through butter. Our air force is in better shape with 10,000 front line aircraft worldwide.

Our demobilization effort was wildly successful. Five months after VJ Day 8.5 million Allied soldiers had been demobilized. As you will recall sir that when you tried to slow up the demobilization there were riots in some of our units. Our soldiers want to get home and go back to school on the GI Bill.

In contrast our estimates are that the Soviets have 66 full strength divisions that can attack at anytime. Within 30 days they can mobilize a total of 273 war strength divisions and by D-day + 60 they can deploy 270 divisions in Europe, 42 in the Middle East and 49 in the Far East. They have over 14,000 frontline aircraft in service currently.

Their satellites states have 84 of what we would consider 2nd line divisions with another 850 aircraft. More than enough to attack Greece and Italy.

In summary Mr. President we are up to our ears in alligators.

Yes sir I know its a lot to comprehend. Yes sir we'll talk again tomorrow so you have a chance to digest the report and its ramifications.