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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

20th Armored Butcher's Bill


London England

July 29th, 1946

07:45 hours

Well what's the butchers bill Tom?

The 20th has about 4967 survivors so far. Most of their equipment is lost and the men are dragging their tails behind them. It seems the Reds really did a number on them. Similar to Kasserine Pass.

Damn it! I told Green not to let himself get flanked. That just shows what would have happened to all of us if we had tried to take a stand at the Rhine or even the Loire. We just don't have enough troops to cover the line. Shit the Reds are like a bunch of army ants. Crawling all over the place and leaving nothing behind. You stand in their way and you get surrounded and eaten alive.

Did you see that poor bastard Green on the front page of Pravda? Whoa did he look like a licked puppy.

Hell prison camp is too good for the bastard. Shit we had to use the 101st to fill in the line. We had some plans for those jump happy jokers and now that's out the window thanks to "General Fighting Mark Green". That's what the idiot referred to himself in front of his staff..."Fighting Mark Green" Jesus what an asshole.

Yeah and the asshole who just lost us half a division and all it's equipment. I saw the numbers and the reds now have their hands on 130 slightly used M26 Pershings. From what I heard they can have them. At least in a Stuart you can run. You can't even get those Pershings out of 2nd gear. I mean what is it with America and us building tanks that can't do the job.

I think it all stems from the mistakes made by General McNair and his Anti-tank doctrine. What he failed to realize is that it's rather easy to use mortars and artillery to suppress open top tank destroyers like the M10. I mean you can take it out with a hand grenade for crying out loud.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Brandt and Churchill Pay a Visit

Washington, DC
Office of Robert P. Patterson
Secretary of War
July 28th, 1946
08:01 hours

The honorable Sir Winston Churchill to see you sir along with a Mr. Brandt.

Did you say Churchill Jim? I didn't even know he was in the States much less Washington. For gods sake send them in.

Good afternoon Mr. Secretary.

Good afternoon Sir Churchill and... Mr. Brandt is it? What may I do for you.

If I may I'll get right to the point Mr. Secretary.

Please do. I will say it's rather unusual for a Brit to hurry into a conversation.

Sorry to be so abrupt old boy but Mr. Brandt has some vital information that may be of service to your fighting forces.

It's quite alright I prefer it if you Brits did move it along when it comes to .... how should I say it...coming to the point.

Very well then. Mr Brandt will take over from here.

Mr. Secretary it has become quite obvious that your new tank, the Pershing M26, is not up to the task. We have received numerous reports of breakdowns, mechanical failures, of it being underpowered, the transmission has a faulty design. It's gun and armor are adequate for the task but you can't get the bloody thing to the firing line. Because of it's mechanical failures it is virtually immobile. It was a failed attempt and I would argue that you must realize this now before it becomes critical later in the war when our mobility will be our greatest weapon.

I am well aware of the growing pains of the Pershing Mr. Brandt but I fail to see what we can do about it in the short run.

May I interrupt for a second Mr. Secretary. I should have introduced Mr. Brandt earlier. He and his colleagues are responsible for the APCBC round for the 17lbr. I'm sure you have seen the reports and the combination of the Centurion Mark II and the APCBC round has been highly successful in stopping even the heaviest Soviet tanks. He knows what he is speaking of and I apologise for his rudeness but engineers are not know for their diplomacy.

I do apologise for my out burst Mr. Secretary but I see a real crisis looming if you continue to field the M26. It is just not up to the task. It is highly susceptible to breaking down at the most inopportune moments. I understand that you just lost over a hundred due to their inability to extradite themselves from a Soviet trap. Is this not so?

Well yes it is Mr. Brandt and we are working on a solution but I fail to see how this meeting will assist us with our problem unless you have a suggestion?

If I may Mr. Secretary I would like to suggest that you cease the manufacture of the Pershing immediately and concentrate on a proven design. One that has shown it's effectiveness against the Soviet armor. I would suggest that you use the all ready mobilized M26 on the defensive line that is forming and not use them for the upcoming mobile warfare operations that the future will require. If the Pershing is fairly stationary it can hold it's own but you must realise by now that it is not up to the task of a mobile operation. The Centurion is a well rounded design that will with stand the rigors of a mobile warfare and unlike the Stuart can destroy a Soviet S2. The Pershing can not and will not be able to fulfill the role needed in future operations.

So what you suggesting Mr. Brandt is that the US Army should abandon it's own shitty tank design in favor of the British Centurion and your APCBC ordinance? Is that the gist of your visit here today Mr. Brandt?!?!?!?!?

Why yes Mr. Secretary I would concur with your most eloquent summary

Monday, September 13, 2010

Contact with the 20th

Sir we just had contact from the 20th Armored. Stanley and Feingold crashed landed with the radio.

Well spit it out Watkins …what did Green have to say for himself and about his situation? Get him on the horn now!

Sir we didn’t speak to General Green.

Well who did you speak to then? Don’t make me keep asking questions you moron tell me the whole story.

Sir … yes sir. It seems that it was a Private Johnson and he was under fire the whole time the conversation took place. He said that General Green and his staff where cut off and possibly captured while checking on the Soviet units to their South. He also mentioned that the “supply guys” were in trouble as well. We assume he means the 49th Quartermaster Group. As I said before he was under fire in the crashed plane and didn’t have much time. He asked about an escape route towards the East and a town named Vigiolis. The officer on duty made an on the spot decision due to the precarious nature of Private Johnson’s situation. He told the private to have the M26 Pershings be a rear guard and the reminder of the command was to head east towards Vigiolis and then south to Objat. Then the radio went dead sir.

Jesus Christ!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lunch room Pentagon

I just heard about the 20th Armored being cut off. What's the latest news.

We got nothing on the 20th itself but a good portion of the 49th logistic Group and over 75% of it's supplies were captured. Over a million gallons of fuel and tons of supplies are now in the Reds hands. Plus they got over 2500 new duces and we're without our logistics experts and a shit load of grease monkeys. They really hit the jackpot with this one. Losing the bulk of the 49th is worse than losing the 20th.

Jesus what was Green thinking? I suppose he just wanted to get his boys some real combat time on his terms and didn't see the whole picture. Man all those brand new M26 Pershing's and Greyhound armored cars.

I heard those Pershing's are not doing so well. The complaints are coming in hot and heavy about how unreliable they are and how under powered. They can't get where they want to go fast enough and don't do so hot once they get there. They got to be better than the Stuarts though. At least they can take a hit or two before blowing up. Gives the crew a chance to fight back and escape if need be.

Well for sure the Reds are going to be celebrating tonight. They're going to have a lot of equipment to study and test out. I wish we could get our hands on some of those new Soviet jobs. I heard the S2 is a monster and the T44 takes a beating. The T34 is still creating most of our headaches though. Man those things are fast and tough. Wish we had a few hundred.