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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bomb

August 24, May 1946

Off Kotlin Island near Leningrad

A huge crane strains at the cable and gradually the fishing net and it’s cargo break the surface. The small group involuntarily flinches as the shape of the contents becomes apparent. All though dented and broken in three pieces it’s shape is unmistakably a bomb. A huge life destroying bomb.

“Incredible we found it in shallow water on board the third B29 wreckage we examined. It appears that the pilot deliberately wanted to crush his plane as much as possible but the plane was so damaged that he didn’t have much control. He was a brave man. I believe he could have escaped with his life and his crew's if they didn’t try so hard to destroy their cargo.”

“Very lucky indeed comrade. Lucky for us and unlucky for the Capitalist Pigs. Do you really think we can gain anything from that mess?”

“I personally don’t think we can. We already have all the plans so this is just a physical proof of what we already know and it’s so damaged. I really don’t see how it can help that much. Comrade Stalin wants to use it as a bargaining chip or for propaganda purposes I suppose. Maybe he’ll use it to scare the NATO generals into doing something stupid or threaten to use it on England and make them sue for peace.”

“But it’s damaged beyond repair!”

“Yes but the NATO pigs don’t know that. We can use it to mask some of the activities of our spies. It will be hard to tell if the knowledge we gained comes from them or this wreck and they will realize soon that we have gained a significant amount of knowledge.”

“Well I just hope it comes in time.”

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