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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gathering Forces

Number 10 Downing
Prime Ministers Atlee’s private quarters
August 25th, 1946

We can confirm that the Soviets are moving their air assets into position sir. Despite our efforts they are bringing in all the supplies and fuel they will need to launch an all out cross channel air assault. The range of their front line fighters puts all of southern England within their reach. That means their bombers will be escorted at all times and possibly by their new jets.

How are our preparations coming along?

We’re pumping out Meteors as fast as we can and pulling out all the Spits and Tempests from mothballs. As usual it will be the pilots that will determine if we survive or not. It’s a given that the Reds have studied all the mistakes by both sides in The Battle of Britain I and are not going to repeat them. We have to do the same and figure out how to survive their overwhelming numbers as we did against the Germans.

Everyone knows how close we came to defeat in that one. I just hope we learned our lessons as well. At least we have much more advanced warning and can concentrate our resources better. On the other hand the numbers the Soviets can put against us are staggering and we have a little more than a month to prepare.
Yes sir…

Well what is it Ronald? Spit it out.

Where are the American’s sir? I know that for propaganda purposes we have a few units of American P80s available but we both know the bulk of the USAAF is just not to be found despite the press releases.

We have to go it alone for a while Ronald. It’s all part of the plan that we agreed to long ago. We are going to take it on the chin but it will help win the war in the end.

It sounds very familiar sir.

How so Ronald?

Well sir we basically lost our empire in the last war and now we might just lose our country. Meanwhile the American’s come in late and pick up the pieces.

We really have no options here Ronald. I will not give in to Stalin’s demands. Our sacrifice will ensure that Stalin is defeated I’m sure of it. Lend Lease has opened the flood gates again and the American’s will be forever in our debt, I‘ve made sure of that. The world will be free of the this plague forever. A couple of months of hell will mean generations of peace and prosperity for our peoples.

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