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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pressure on Sergo

I have no interest in boats and navies. The guidance system is designed for shooting down bombers over friendly territory. If one of the missiles got into the enemies hands they might be able to figure out how to counter act the system and that would be catastrophic. Comrade Stalin knows this and has assured me that this warhead will only be used in territories that can be controlled by us. It is too risky I tell you to have this technology get into the enemies hands. No I won’t allow it.

Friend Sergo we need your guidance system to use with our air launched V1 program. If we could guide those missiles imagine how much havoc they could wreak on the capitalist navies. Why we could keep them a hundred miles from our shores…

What shores? We have none to speak of. It is a ridiculous suggestion and not worth the effort or the chance. We are a land power not a naval one. Let the NATO pigs have their oceans. We have no need of them.

But what if they get into the Black Sea or the Baltic? Then what will you say? Will you deny us a weapon that we can use to stop an invasion on Soviet soil? I would be warned Sergo Peshkova. I would at least prepare for the eventual use of your guidance system against naval forces. I think comrade Stalin would agree with me on this point … no?

Well alright Novikov. I will see that a test program is started and yes I have no doubt that the system will work on boats as well as bombers. But again I caution that we cannot use these warheads over enemy territory or anywhere where they may be compromised and that comrade Stalin will agree with me I will guarantee it. We have a new wrinkle by the way. We’ve added some false radio and radar signals. The bombers will be so busy trying to sort things out that the true nature of the guidance will not be discovered.

You are very proud of yourself aren’t you Sergie? I would be careful that you do not dislocate your arm trying to pat yourself on the back. We should hear about the attack on Toulouse soon and then maybe I will reach over and pat your back for you Sergo.

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