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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ground to Sky Missile Site Toulouse, France

Report from Ground to Sky Missile Site #4
Near Toulouse France
September 5th, 1946
10:05 hours
By General Georg Malyshev
Commander of Ground to Sky Missile Battery Number One

Missile site was operational on September 2nd at 09:32 hours.

At launch minus 3 hours, 30 V3 (Wasserfall) missiles were installed. At launch minus 1 hour the missiles guidance systems where calibrated and prepared to receive their fuel. The operators were on duty starting on September 5th at 04:00 hours.

Radar reported multiple targets in route from the West at 5,000 meters and a speed of 400 kph at 7:12 hours. The enemy formations were on time and on target just as we had been told to expect. As predicted they were of the B17 type bomber.

The skies were clear and visibility was unlimited.

Missiles were launched in volleys of 5 in a dispersed pattern at one minute intervals. This allowed the missile operators to follow their assigned missile and choose their targets. 8 missiles were lost before the Columba system could take over flight control.

The Columba system appeared to fail on 9 units and they passed harmlessly through the formation.

8 missiles performed as designed and were guided to their targets. 5 more were partially successful and damaged their targets.

Without prior knowledge about the direction, time and altitude of the enemy bomber raid our success rate would be far less. It takes hours to fuel the rockets and they cannot stay on stand-by for days at a time. We also have to know the direction of the raid in order to sent the missiles in the correct direction before the guidance system locates the bombers. If the missiles were launched in the wrong direction initially the guidance system would not be able to see the targets in time.

In addition the knowledge of what type bomber the target is increased our hit rate by a factor of 100%. Without this prior knowledge we would have to set the proximity fuse to a different and not as accurate setting.

I must stress that the prior knowledge that we are receiving is crucial to what success we have with the V3 Wasserfall. Without this knowledge I estimate out success rate would be less then 10%.

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