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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Novikov Reports

So how goes the preparations for the battle Novikov? Do you have all you need to give us a smashing victory?

Yes we have over 7000 aircraft at our disposal. Combined with the knowledge of how the Germans were defeated in the original battle it should be smashing victory indeed comrade Stalin.

What will we be doing to avoid the errors of the Luftwaffe? I know we have much larger numbers as do the British. I do not want to hear any news of failure Novikov. You have the finest equipped and trained forces that have ever been assembled. I understand that our engineers have increased the range of certain models?

Yes comrade many of our fighters have been fitted with auxiliary tanks attached to the wing. This gives them an additional 600 liters of fuel. More than enough to reach all of southern England and beyond with time for the fight once they get there. In the case of the Yak 9 a new model has been developed called the Yak 9 DD and it has a longer range than the Yankee Mustang. Yes with all of these developments there is no part of the British Isles that is beyond our reach.

Very good Novikov.

We will not make the same mistakes the Germans did. Their radar will be our first targets. The Sturmovics will make short work of them along with any anti aircraft guns that may be protecting them. We can detect where the radar is emanating from and can use it to discover their location. The only way to disguise themselves is to shut their radar down which serves the purpose anyway. With our numerical superiority we will cover their airbases at all hours. We will hover over their bases day and night. So even if their Meteor or Vampire models are pitted against our piston aircraft it will be similar to what they did to the early German jets. You shoot them down when they are landing or taking off. Even a P3 or Tu2 can destroy a Meteor when it is on the ground or clawing for altitude. It will be a continuous effort both day and night and we will not be lured into attacking their cities and factories. We will only concentrate on their fighters until they are destroyed and we gain absolute mastery of the air.

Doesn’t their radar and organization give them an advantage over ours comrade? We all have seen the movies with the women in uniform pushing the wooden blocks here and there and by doing so defeating the hun.

Until we destroy their radar sites yes, but we counter this by overwhelming concentrations. Concentrations they cannot match even with a maximum effort. We can concentrate on up to 4 areas with more power than they can produce in one. Unlike the propeller driven fighters of times past the new jets need concrete runways. They cannot take off from any cow pasture and all of these facilities are known through our agents. Like us they have a limited number of jets. Once they are destroyed on the ground or while landing or taking off our conventional planes are more than a match for the best equipment they have in greater numbers. Our jets fly air superiority while the fighters seek out their fighters and the ground attack aircraft destroy anything that is on the ground. We know that the Germans were very close to winning the last Battle of Britain when they were diverted from their task. We shall not be diverted away from our main goal of destroying their Fighter Command.

What do you estimate the losses and time involved till we reach air superiority over the English?

We will lose two pilots for every Englishmen comrade. The battle will be fought over enemy territory and many of our wounded planes will not make it back while the English will be able to land in friendly territory and possibly rejoin the fight. Because of this it will take 3 months to subdue them if they continue to fight till the bitter end.

Well we are committing over 4 pilots per English pilot so be victorious in the finish, no?

Yes comrade your math is correct as always.

Still no sign of the US joining in the fight so now is the time to strike.

But you have given them a deadline sir?

Pah. How soon can we begin operations in earnest?

The first blows can fall in three weeks comrade.

Da. That will be a good time to start. We can fly better in bad weather than they can. After all we have had much practice in the Ukraine.

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