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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ink Blotter

September 6th, 1946

He had about 10 minutes to make these files disappear. The trick was to accomplish it so that he was not suspected. Williams was an idiot and had left his combination under the ink blotter on his desk. Of course who would suspect that anyone could penetrate the security of the building much less of an ink blotter in the that same said building. It was an ironic fact that if you worked in the same office as Williams and observed his habits it was very easy to become one of the greatest spies ever to plague the British government.

He and his Cambridge friends had made a pact with the teachings of Karl Marx at an early age and were fulfilling their world vision of a workers’ paradise. Too bad Stalin was the instrument of the necessary changes but that was beyond their control. They would use Stalin and the Soviets to forever change the world for the better. A world without conflict. A world without capitalism. A world where everyone was equal and proud to be part of a Marxist paradise.

But first those files. William had put them in the safe for his attention tomorrow. The silly git was more concerned about the party at Samuels than a list of Soviet agents in England. The source of that list was a turn coat double agent but she was in America and untouchable for now. Her time would come but he had to bide his time.

Right 14, left 6, right says me.

What a twit. Right on top. Interesting, only Leo was named. He is expendable and can disappear. The others are of no consequence and I'll let them hang...literally. All but Leo are minor players and will not be missed. Better to let Scotland Yard have a few seeming victories than to have them always come up short. Well now at least we know and not much harm done. Let them have their little victory while we continue to win the war.

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