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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Protect and Serve

The Tu2 medium bomber named Zaichik was being buffeted by the prop wash of the B25 it was keeping close formation with. The pilot and co-pilot fought with the controls. They would normally have given the bigger bomber a much wider berth but the whole point of this practice was to get as many medium bombers and fighters tucked in and stacked above the Lend Lease B25J as possible.

Everyone had been told that the B25 had a magic box inside it that would ward off some electric anti-aircraft round that could feel their plane and explode when it just got close to you. These Yankee cannon shells did not even have to hit you to explode but had some kind of built in electronic sensing device called the VT fuse. He had no idea what VT stood for but the electronic machine in the B25 was supposed to keep the anti aircraft shell from killing them by tricking the fuse to go off before it should. They joked that it better be a long time before it should.

The magic box had a limited range so you had to fit as many planes as close as you could above the bigger American bomber as the shells would “feel” the magic box and explode below. The pilot hoped far below. Bombers in the VVS were not used to flying in tight formation and there had been some crashes but hours and hours of practice were paying off. He didn’t know how long their new found discipline would last once they started falling out of the sky. They were told to be like a school of fish if one falls you tighten up and get in closer. Easy for them to say sitting behind their big desks back in Paris.

He wished he was flying the B25 but that was for Vlad and not him. All his friend Vlad had to do was to fly the route to and from the target. He didn’t have to worry about crashing into other planes. They had to worry about crashing into him. They were told that if they crashed into the B25 their families would be killed and no one wanted that. Yet the tighter you could get in formation to the big bomber the better your chances and the chances of your friends had against the American anti aircraft shells.

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