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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Spy We Know as DELMAR

The spy known as DELMAR had made it to the border of Canada near Roseau, MN. This crossing was never guarded and depended on the honor system. It might not do George any good to get into Canada but it was the only thing he could think of to do. Canada had already discovered and jailed many Soviet spies but he was hoping that they would somehow overlook him.

The trouble was he had inhaled some of his own poison in the form of polonium. Somewhere along the way between setting the tiny bombs off in Oak Ridge and Dayton some polonium had made it into his lungs. He was dying a horrible death. Much like the one he had imposed on his former co-workers and their families and anyone who they came in contact with. Tens of thousands have died or are deathly ill because of his actions. On the other hand possibly hundreds of thousands of his countrymen were saved the horrible death of a nuclear bomb.

The photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had sickened him and had steeled his resolve to do what he had done and now it looked like he would pay the ultimate price. He hoped that he would be remembered for the lives he saved rather than for the ones he took. He fell out of bed in a coughing fit that seem to break off a piece of his lung. For all he knew it actually could have. Polonium rotted you from the inside out.

He guessed it was time to take matters in his own hands and end it with the 45 Colt he had in his luggage. Fast, painless…he had heard but how would anyone know that was still alive. His whole body ached, especially his chest and breathing was incredibly hard. Yes it would end today. End with a very loud bang. It would be especially loud in this tiny room they called a suite. Well, what did he expect near the Canadian border in a town of 300 or so. He was lucky to find anything much less a small hotel.

One last meal at the truck stop…his final meal. Maybe he should stand up and announce that he was the man responsible for stopping the production of the US atomic bomb. Maybe someone would shoot him and put him out of his misery. That would solve two problems…his death and his legacy. He imagined that he would crawl up on the lunch counter and shout in a booming voice how he was the man who stopped the atomic bomb and save hundreds of thousands of lives. That his name was George Koval and he had single handedly killed the killers of possibly millions. George Koval the hero of the Soviet People. George Koval his name will ring throughout the halls of heroes for generations. George Koval a name to remember you citizens of Roseau Minnesota. Your town will become famous for the death of George Koval.

Then the coughing started again and as far as he knew it never stopped. In the middle of his last cough a vessel ruptured in his brain. Probably weakened by the Polonium and killed him. He was dead almost instantly. When the maid came to clean the room there he was dressed in his underwear, half on and half off the bed, his bowels and bladder had let loose like they usually do when death occurs, his head was hanging down and whatever he had in his stomach had drooled out in a puddle with a sticky, frozen waterfall of spit leading to and still attached to the pile of half digested …

It was not a pretty or heroic sight. George Koval, who only we know as the Soviet spy Delmar, did not have any identification on him. There was nothing for the County Sherriff to lead him to his identity so he was buried in a lonely grave near the Canadian border outside of Roseau, MN. One of the last places on earth you would want to be buried and not remembered. He did get a US flag every Veterans Day and Memorial Day placed on his grave as the cemetery made a clerical error and had him identified as an US Army veteran of WWI.

One last detail; the undertaker, who did fight in World War One died a mysterious and agonizing death, along with his cat, about a month after the man he called John Doe was interned. It seemed that the undertaker liked Delmar’s handkerchief and decided it shouldn’t go to waste.

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