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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Seven


In attendance: Molotov, Mikoyan, Kaganovich , Malendov, Beria, Bulganin (minister for Armed forces) and Krushchev

The ruling 7 as they sometimes are referred to met as they always did when Stalin was not in Moscow. Stalin was having one of his many “attacks” but still ruled with an iron hand but left the day to day operation of the USSR up to the oligarchy that was the made up of the 7.

By order of Stalin they had just seen the movie Volga! Volga! again for the 47th time by their count. It wasn’t the same without Stalin acting out all the parts and that was the best part of the evening so far.

After dinner the conversation turns to America and it’s seemingly lack of military response.

Molotov pontificates: I tell you it is our comrades in the US who are slowing down production just like we planned. They have convinced a large number of American workers that the old gutted Europe is not worth fighting for again. They did it once but no again. They have spent a over 300 billion dollars they don’t have on the last war and it will only be worse this time. They have to make money or their system will collapse. The whole capitalist system depends on using the worker and profiting off his labor. The workers are finally seeing the true nature of capitalism. Their war bond sales can only take them so far. The American public is sick of war.

Da Molotov is correct. It must be the answer. Why else would they not be producing enough weapons and joining to fight us. The workers must be convinced that the communist way is the way of the future and they are just trying to hasten the workers ascension over the moneyed whores. Look at how their own soldiers rioted when they did not get them home fast enough and when Truman tried to slow the demobilization down he was defeated by his own supporters. I must be the answer otherwise they would surely have pushed us back in the Pyrenees or at least attempted to. Instead they are losing ground everyday. In months we will be through those cursed mountains and nothing will stop us. Italy is ours now and Greece will follow soon. They must feel that all is lost and are ready to talk with us about the future.

With the successful destruction of their atomic bomb program and the acceleration of ours they must know that the end is here for the capitalist system in Europe and they will have to see to their own skins. Some of my agents are trying to infiltrate the unions but that door has been closed shut for now by the FBI despite that fairy Hoover being shot. Too bad for once he did a adequate job just before he was halted.

If I may Beria…lets concentrate on their military options shall we? First without their atomic bomb we have a realistic chance of stopping their bombers now that we have the weapons we need to at least reach their planes. Soon they will only be able to field forces from either England or Spain to try and gain back Europe. Scandinavia will soon fall from the reports I’ve seen and …

We’ve heard that before Nikita. Perhaps you should take personal charge of the War in the North and provide us with your heroics like you did at Stalingrad eh comrade.

Don’t belittle my service Beria. I saw war first hand unlike you hiding behind your secrete police and NKVD troops. I know the smell of death by bomb and bullet first hand all you know is death by torture.

Enough old friends let’s get back to the business we have come here for. Stalin will not be pleased if we don’t come to some conclusions and report by 3:00am. You know he will still be awake and expecting us to report so do we have a consensus that it appears the Americans are having trouble mobilizing their forces for another all out war and that comrade Stalin was correct again about their will to fight for the same ground they have already fought over? No objections then? Good!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pressure on Sergo

I have no interest in boats and navies. The guidance system is designed for shooting down bombers over friendly territory. If one of the missiles got into the enemies hands they might be able to figure out how to counter act the system and that would be catastrophic. Comrade Stalin knows this and has assured me that this warhead will only be used in territories that can be controlled by us. It is too risky I tell you to have this technology get into the enemies hands. No I won’t allow it.

Friend Sergo we need your guidance system to use with our air launched V1 program. If we could guide those missiles imagine how much havoc they could wreak on the capitalist navies. Why we could keep them a hundred miles from our shores…

What shores? We have none to speak of. It is a ridiculous suggestion and not worth the effort or the chance. We are a land power not a naval one. Let the NATO pigs have their oceans. We have no need of them.

But what if they get into the Black Sea or the Baltic? Then what will you say? Will you deny us a weapon that we can use to stop an invasion on Soviet soil? I would be warned Sergo Peshkova. I would at least prepare for the eventual use of your guidance system against naval forces. I think comrade Stalin would agree with me on this point … no?

Well alright Novikov. I will see that a test program is started and yes I have no doubt that the system will work on boats as well as bombers. But again I caution that we cannot use these warheads over enemy territory or anywhere where they may be compromised and that comrade Stalin will agree with me I will guarantee it. We have a new wrinkle by the way. We’ve added some false radio and radar signals. The bombers will be so busy trying to sort things out that the true nature of the guidance will not be discovered.

You are very proud of yourself aren’t you Sergie? I would be careful that you do not dislocate your arm trying to pat yourself on the back. We should hear about the attack on Toulouse soon and then maybe I will reach over and pat your back for you Sergo.