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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, July 16, 2011


The tracks of the dozer dug deep into the ground. They had to in order for the blade of the massive bulldozer to dig even deeper. Like some kind of giant insect the bulldozer flattened uneven ground. This uneven ground was in Holland. It was hard to believe there was any unlevel ground in all of Holland but there is was.

It was needed to launch a number of squadrons of Soviet planes. These planes were destined to fly to Great Britain and hopefully back. Well, one side hoped they made it back. The other did not.

There should have been plenty of airfields left over from the last war but there wasn’t. Four times the number of planes that took off from these fields in 1940 where scheduled to do the same. They were going to attempt to clear the skies above the British Isles. They where scheduled to prevent any RAF aircraft from ever reaching for the skies again. They called it air superiority.

The bulldozers were a vital part of that plan as were the thousands of German prisoners of war toiling in the early Autumn sun. A handful of them might have been involved in the last attempt to defeat the Royal Air Force. The over all objective for one side was the same…survive the coming onslaught. The other side had learned from the defeat of the Germans in 1940 and were sure to have developed alternative tactics that they would attempt to use.

The end result for the Soviets was not invasion. It was to clear the skies above Great Britain and prevent them from every again attacking Europe and the motherland. It was to prevent the Americans from using Britain as an unsinkable aircraft carrier or as a spring board for invasion. It was to defeat utterly, the RAF and to prevent it from ever rising to the defense of the skies about Great Britain again.

The Soviets had spent 6 months modifying their fighters for longer range, higher altitudes and now thousands of them could extend their reach over 600 miles from the coast of the English Channel. They could now reach for the skies like the Americans. Virtually all of the United Kingdom was within range of the fighters force of the Red Army.

The Soviets watched as the Luftwaffe failed because their fighters could not stay long enough over their targets. How they could not reach many parts of Britain. How the Battle of Britain was lost when the Germans diverted their attention from Fighter Command to bombing the cities. How the Luftwaffe ran out of trained pilots before the RAF did.

Soon it would be time to see if the RAF had adapted as well. New radars, new jet fighters, new AA guns, new AA shells with proximity fuses. Would this be enough to over come 4 to 1 odds? In the first Battle of Britain the RAF managed to shoot down just over 1 and a half planes for each of their losses. In the end they lost more fighters than the Germans

In the Battle of Britain Two this will be a recipe for defeat.

Where are the Americans? Will they come in time?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talk on the Black Sea

Lavrenti was depressed. 6 months since he had seen his wife and baby. Sure the Black Sea was a nice posting but it meant that he was far from home and hearth. Far from the arms of his true love and his reason for living…and he would live. No matter what it took, no matter how many American's he would have to kill...he would live to see his wife and son again. 5 years of hell had not killed him yet and he was not going to let his guard down for a second.

The sea smelled of dead fish but no matter. It was better than the rendering plant near his home yet the memory of that smell meant home. It meant safety and happiness. Interesting how the smell of death could remind him of life.

Heh Lavrenti I heard we are to move soon to Albania.

And why would that be Nikolai?

Something about some torpedo ships or subs. We have to guard them on the way to the coast and make sure the little things get in the water. Pretty sophisticated little machines they say. The Germans used them near the end of the war and from what I was told they are pretty hard to detect. Almost impossible. Most of them were lost at sea in the bad storms of the Atlantic. They should do pretty well off the coast of Italy. Not too much bad weather I am led to believe.

What would you know Nikolai? You're from Tula and never even seen salt water until a few months ago. What do you know about toy boats and torpedoes?

If you don't want the latest news then close your ears. Hand me the knife. These potatoes are not going to peal themselves. We have to save the skins now and use them in soup.

My mother always did that anyway. It adds to the flavor. You need a little dirt mixed in with your soup to give you that back to the earth feeling. I heard they would kill for these potatoes back home. The last I heard food was hard to find. Rumor is that they are letting the peasants starve to feed the loyal comrades in the city.

Yes Vasily told me he just got back from Poland where they shipped much needed wheat in order to fool the Poles that there was plenty of food coming from mother Russia. Just to keep them quiet I suspect. He also said there was plenty of food and equipment coming back from France and even Germany. It seems that the German steel mills were still producing even though the Americans and British bombed them day and night. The lucky bastards in the party leadership are even getting captured American food and goods. They try and change the packages but you can tell where they come from.

Hell I don't care where it comes from just as long as it is here ... which it isn't. Those capitalists are good at producing tasty foods and gadgets. Once this war is over we'll have to teach them just what is important and what is just foolishness.

We are lucky to be here Lavrenti away from all the fighting and here in the warmth. I do not miss the winter in Tula. If I ever see snow again it will be too soon. Give me white sand instead eh Nikolai. Yes white sand and fresh fish that is not frozen and pulled from a hole in the ice.

You noticed all the planes leaving from the base? I wonder where they are going in such a hurry? Seems to be a be mostly the small single engine ones.

How can I not notice them? They start before dawn and keep leaving all day. We seem to be a kind of transit station. A few leave going West and just as many land coming from the West. It really takes time away from my nap.

You do to much of that already Nikolai.