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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Collapse by Ranger Elite

Scandinavia in WWIII, 1946 by Ranger Elite
September 14th

Scandinavian Prime Ministers' Summit
Karlsborg Fortress
Karlsborg, Kingdom of Sweden

In Attendance:
Mauno Pekkala, Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland
Tage Erlander, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden
Einar Gerhardsen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway
Knud Kristensen, Prime Minister of the Gouvernment-in-Exile of the Kingdom of Denmark

As the men take their seats, an air of desperation hangs heavy in the room. The situation on the Karelian, Salla and Petsamo fronts have decidedly turned against them, taking heavy losses outside Vyborg, thus handing the Soviets the initiative to roll the Scandinavian forces back to the defensive line close to Helsinki, the Soviets even having the nerve to shell Malmö from the Copenhagen harbor. Until this war, since 1814, the Swedish Crown and government had pursued a policy of strict neutrality. That was no longer the case, nor could it any longer be.
This war brought the powers who fought so hard to be independent of each other earlier in the century back together again in military alliance against a common foe.

“Gentlemen, we need a miracle.” began the Finnish Prime Minister, Mauno Pekkala,  “The Soviets are about to breach the final defensive ring around Helsinki. We cannot hold out much longer, and under the terms of the YYA Agreement of 1944, though the Soviets invaded us first, we would be considered as the aggressor and thus, subject to the full force of penalty to be administered by the Soviets. President Paasikivi has asked me to inform you that we will be asking the Soviets for terms of surrender, as of 1830 today. This notification is being given as a courtesy and we are asking that you begin issuing orders to your troops, that they may leave in an orderly fashion. We thank you for your aid in our valiant fight against Soviet aggression.”

There are blank stares from the other Prime Ministers as Minister Pekkala delivers the grave news. The melancholy is broken the Swedish Prime Minister, Tage Erlander “So we are to give up the fight and submit? Even in the world of Realpolitik, we know this can never be possible. The Soviets will not stop at the Finnish frontier with Sweden, for they covet the iron ore and coal deposits that are abundant in both Sweden and Norway, and we simply have our backs to the wall. No, no matter what I once believed in, politically, I am descended from Viking blood first and foremost, as are you all. Home and hearth, and its incumbent defense, comes considered before all else. We will respect the Finnish gouvernment's request to withdraw our forces, but we will not give up the fight. We simply cannot.” Minister Pekkala smiles weakly, and says to the other three Prime Ministers “Officially, I have no comment upon your future war aims, but personally, I wish you much success in smashing the Soviet warmonger pigs!” and having said that, Minister Pekkala gathers his papers and walks out of the room.

Then the Danish Prime Minister, Knud Kristensen, stands up to be recognized and begins to speak, “Gentlemen, I fear that we may be facing war on two fronts very soon. I have received intelligence from the Hjemmeværnet modstand (Home Guard Resistance), smuggled out of Jutland at very great cost, that the Soviets have been massing special troops there with an as yet unknown purpose. We are uncertain if these are simply new NKVD units being stationed there to strike fear in our people, or if these units have a strategic aim.” At this, Einar Gerhardsen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway, takes his turn to speak “I am authorized by His Royal Majesty, King Haakon VII, to offer any and all assistance to our Alliance brethren, and to our Danish brothers, we offer a company of the Royal Norwegian Commandoes, to be inserted into occupied Denmark, for the express purpose of collecting further intelligence as to the intentions and purpose of the new Soviet troops...”

Minister Gerhardsen's remarks are cut short by a Swedish communications officer bursting into the room and yelling “We've lost all communications with Stockholm! The last wireless transmission from the Royal High Command said that Soviet paratroopers landing in the capital, as well as other cities throughout Scandinavia!” Under his breath, Gerhardsen mutters “This is Narvik and Trömso all over again”, as they are rejoined by Pekkala and hustled by Swedish Royal Lifeguard troopers into the deepest air-raid shelter in the fortress...

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