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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hit and Run the Plan by Tallthinkev

They had gathered in the one of the hangers at R.A.F. Duxford, near enough to the airfields that would bear the brunt of the oncoming storm.

Sir Keith Park stood up to address them.

'Gentleman, you are the best of the best, or at least the ones we have left' a small chuckle from the men present 'and were able to make it at such short notice.' he told them. This is mostly down to the weather.’

As you know the Russian fighters cannot reach this far north, without their drop tanks, one of the main reasons we meet here today, as their bombers, of course can.'

Sir Keith continued

'Do not get carried away because of this. We will let them come to us. As in 1940 bombers without fighters they are the easy meat. There plenty of them for each of you, so there is no need to go chasing them. Their fighters cannot get more than to the north of London keep that in mind at all times.'

'General Garland I must thank you for your idea of painting the underside of our aircraft the same way as you did with yours in the last war. I am sure we will have a lot less of a chance of being shot down by some of our more enthusiast members of our own ack-ack crews.'

'Thank you Sir Keith.' said the German General.

Sir Keith continued 'As you also know I was a not a great fan of the Big Wing. However, this may be the time to revise it.'

Air Commodore Bader spoke up.

'Thank you, Sir Keith for following my advice.'

'It was not your just your advice I was following, it was also the idea of the late Air Chief Marshal Leigh-Mallory. However, we cannot have the same numbers as before and still provide cover for the airfields we have in this part of the country. My idea is to have two 'smaller' big wings, maybe four squadrons from the south west to shoot down their bombers on the way back. Is it better to shoot down ten on the way or fifty one the way back. I hope you agree with the latter. If the fields are going to be hit in the south west we can have our own big wing attack them from here. Of course there will be a problem is they decide to go for both at once.'

A slight smile comes over his face.

 'If this does happen they will have to half their aircraft. This will mean fewer bombers to deal with, here and there. A big wing would not be needed as much.'

A German officer asked a question. 'How will we know which way the Reds will go?'

Park replied 'Have you forgotten our new flying radars range? And your name?'

'Priller. Pips most call me.'

'Our Wellington’s, over Wales, can see from where, and when they take off…plenty of time to scramble our own forces.'

Pips nodded at this.

'While larger aircraft continue to be converted, like our own Lancaster’s and the American B-24's. With these can take more equipment and therefore cover a bigger area. As the weather over Western Europe is expected to remain bad for the time being at least, the chance of bombing over next few days will be a lot less than in the last week or so. Any questions?'

There was no answer.

'Good. Right then gentleman, this afternoon at 14.30 hours.'

The men left. Some to the mess others to look at planes they had only faced in a fight.

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