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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Do unto others (Rudel's Leg) by Tallthinkev

Hans-Ulrich Rudel had been shot in the leg.
He took it off. 
30mm higher and they would have taken the rest of it.

He thought about the last few days. Not as hectic as the Eastern Front in the last weeks of the last war against the Bolsheviks, but interesting never the less.

He couldn't really believe his luck they had found one for him and a good German ground crew as well. 

The canon was, he thought a bit more, just different from what he was used to, 40mm not 37mm but it was what it could do not how did it, that counted. The re-con photographs were better than he was used to as well. High flying Meteor's he was told. Again it didn't matter where they had gotten there from, as long as the information was right. It turned out that it was.

He was sitting outside his tent in the New Forest. That was another thing NATO had taken from us, it worked here just as good as it did back home.

Home. Best not to think about what the arse holes were doing there. The Führer was right we should have swept the whole east clean. Bad luck, incompetent generals and the sheer number of the Russians didn't help. He still had no idea how many he had killed personally, 1200 on that battleship alone, must be.

Again his thoughts went back to the last few days.
The Ju-87 they had got him was a G-2 model a good solid plane, the ground crew knew it inside out. Funny thing to say really.
The canon the British had given his crew was a Vickers 40mm, the type that had done so much damage in North Africa. They were his now. Shooting up the Reds airfields was pleasure, ripping across it at 15 meters. The trill, the exhilaration, it felt good.
It was stupid to go round again but he could not resist it. He got caught by ground fire, the Stuka could take it.
He couldn't.
He'd have to ask about having a gunner the next time. Also the high ups were talking about putting some kind of radar in it. He couldn't fly the 87 and watch that as well. Let alone shot them and dodge the return fire. A radar operator who was also a gunner that could work. The weight might be an issue, one less bomb? Let them worry about it, not him. 

The first time he had beaten up a Red airfield was in a Hurricane IIc the week before. He was able to drop the bombs from 25m but didn't really have the chance to use the canons it was equipped with.
They then gave him another Hurricane, this time a IId. The Vickers 40mm canon worked very well, no wonder the RAF had been so successful in North Africa. It was good, but it still wasn't a Stuka.

He had one now and he was the very best at what he did.
Killing Russians. 

But first things first, he had to get his leg fixed.

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