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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Briefing continued

Major Wilkes will now take over the briefing.
Good morning,
As General Knock said I am Major Wilkes.

The series of plans we will present today were developed to counter a Soviet invasion of Western Europe and The Middle East...Yes General?

... Yes sir we expect the Soviets to attack in the Middle East as well and soon for various reasons which will become apparent.

Yes sir. Thank you sir. May I continue? Thank you sir.

The best and most complete plan we have is a draft of Plan Griddle.

The Soviets hold all the cards right now and we project that they will overrun Western Europe with the exception of England within 60 days given our force levels and logistics capabilities.....

...........If we can please have order in the room. Please can we all calm down and I will expand on our reasoning. Please sit down...............

Thank you. I know you have lots of questions. More than we have answers I'm sure. Gentlemen please calm down.

This is the best and only plan we have currently and I strongly suggest that we hold off all the questions until after the briefing.

As I was saying, we foresee that the Red Army will be able to overrun all of Germany, France and the low countries in 60 days given our military capabilities. Our British friends are in agreement and are preparing their air defences for another Battle of Britain. The situation is very similar to 1940 in the short run. We will be able to slow them down as will their own logistics challenges. Our plan is to add to those challenges but realistically we will not be able to stop them until we gain our strength back and form a coherent defensive line.

For now that is all we can tell you. Everything else would be conjecture. We have to take inventory of our losses and how fast we can reconstitute the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen... that is currently getting it's ass kicked.

Thank you Gentlemen that is all.

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