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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, April 30, 2010

May 16th D+14 Butchers Bill

May 16th
Some where in West Germany
Command Vehicle
General Wiescoff 78th Infantry Division Commander
Captain give me that list of units. Let's see what have we got so far...Damn look at those least we're not alone.
9th Armored Division - no contact
#16 Group - over run - no contact
86th/162 Squadron - over run - no contact

63rd Infantry Division - no contact
14th Armored Division - Surrendered
87th Infantry Division - no contact
11th Armored Division - no contact
12th Armored Division - Surrendered
20% or less effective and pulled off the line
45th Inf Div
55th (West Lancashire) Inf Div
11th Armor Div
38th (Welsh) Inf Div
8th Armored Div
20th Armored Div
44th Inf Div
26th Inf Div
65th Inf Div
65th Inf Div
78th Inf Div
42nd Inf Div
13th Armor Div
66th Inf Div
1321 combat aircraft destroyed on the ground. 238 missing and presumed destroyed in air to air combat.
So what this is telling me is that 15 out of our 22 divisions are toast or getting resupplied. Luckily we have plenty of supply.

Jonsey make sure that after we are supplied we destroy the rest. We don't want to leave anything for Ivan to use. Remember they have a crap load of our lend lease equipement that can use our parts and ammo. There have been rumors of crop failures in the Ukraine so burn the food too. We have to do a scorched earth policy to some extent. I can't see driving the civilians out of their homes and taking their supplies besides we don't have the time or man power to do either. I guess the Reds are going to be sitting pretty living high on the hog eating our chocolate and C rations for a few months anyway.

Our orders are to get on the other side of the Rhine. Let's move out as soon as we top everything off and make contact with the enemy. We need to keep slowing him down as much as possible yet not get over run. Let's go people move it! Watch the flanks. Remember we have limited air cover...just enough to keep them Red bastards off our backs while we bug out.

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