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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May 3rd D+1

Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting
May 3rd, 1946
Washington, DC
07:30 hours

Be seated gentlemen.

You few have been selected to hear the unvarnished truth about our current situation concerning our current nuclear capabilities. You will be found guilty of treason if any of this information leaves this room. Am I clear?!
Let's begin then.

We currently have 4 Abombs ready for assembly. Under normal circumstances they take 2 days to assemble and they have to be used within 48 hours or they have to be taken apart some components replaced and then put back together again.

The bombs are massive and weight over 10,000 lbs each. Only specially designed B29s can deliver them. The B29s have a range of 3200 miles. They can be escorted up to 2000 miles. We currently have 12 of them.

The Abomb is so big that it can only be loaded on the B29 by placing the bomb in a specially designed pit. Then the bomber has to be towed over this pit and the bomb lifted into the bomber. Currently we have two of these pits. One on Okinawa an one in England.

Hopefully this goes a long way in answering why we just don't bomb Moscow and a dozen or so cities and get this war over with.

1. We only have 4 bombs.
2. Not all of them will work as designed.
3. Not all of them will reach the target.
4. The Soviets have a very good air defense system at levels below 25,000 with a fighter force equal to ours.
5. They have had 2 years to study the B29.
6. It will take time to assemble a large enough raid to test their air defence system.
7. There are very few airfields in Europe designed to use the B29.
8. They have assassinated 80% of our Abomb assembly team members.
9. There was and still probably is a spy in the Abomb program and they have all the information I just told you.

Theoretically we could just fly higher than 32,000, feet the current operational height of their frontline fighters. As previously mentioned they have had access to 3 B29s for 2 years and have certainly tried and in their mind, found a solution to the treat of a nuclear attack. Otherwise they would be foolish to attack now.

We have to determine what that defence is and how to neutralize it.

Conservative estimate is that we will be ready to use our greatest weapons in no less than 6 months. In the meantime we are at an extreme disadvantage in conventional forces.

Basically we have to hang on and hope for the best until then.

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