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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What we know so far

May, 16, 1946
White House Map Room
Present the Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Truman

Mr. President if we may get started? Thank you Sir.

We have a pretty good handle of the size of the Soviet forces and their expected plan of attack. We acquired some information from a source in Poland. We have no specifics but can speak in overall numbers of divisions. This will make it simpler anyway as the Soviets have a different organizational system. Their armies are not equivalent to our armies etc. We do share a common military unit and that is the division so all our estimates will be giving in divisions.

The overall forces we face in Western Europe are 60 well equipped, full strength divisions. Another 25 second line divisions are expected from the satellite countries such as Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria etc. More about them later.

We have reason to believe that 35 divisions are designated for the initial push into the heart of Western Europe initially heading for Paris as their focal point. At strategic times division size units will peel off and invest certain key points such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp but most of the 35 divisions will continue through the heartland of Germany, the low countries and France. Once Paris is taken they will again spit off and go for Le Havre, Brest etc. and end up at the French/Spanish border.

Another 15 divisions will head towards the Maginot Line Southeast of Luxembourg and head towards Lorraine, Dijon and split for the Lyon and Marcelle while the others go towards Toulouse and the Spanish border.

Another 5 divisions are slated to head towards Bavaria from Czechoslovakia and continue to Strasbourg and at least make a demonstration at the Swiz France border. It appears that Stalin will decide then whether to attack Switzerland or to try to intimidate them.

5 more divisions are going to Copenhagen and from there towards Sweden and Norway. The Finns are expected to fold without a fight.

Their newly acquired satellite nations are expected to take out Italy and Greece. Romania, Bulgarian units will take on Greece. The Czechoslovakians, Yugoslavians, Hungarians and Austrians will go for Italy. Their initial attack will be with about 25 divisions but they can provide up to 85.

The Poles and East Germans will be used for garrison duties and anti resistance work from all reports.

We do not know at this point any of the commanders involved but if history is any indicator it will be a pretty stand up fight with no fancy footwork no matter who is involved. Manuver is not one of the Soviets usual strong points. Normally they pin you down swarm around you and hammer you to death. Since the Germans had orders to not retreat an inch this worked pretty well against them. We have been hit hard and have had to give up lots of territory but so far we have a coherant defensive line. It's very weak but we are throwing jabs as we back up.

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