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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

White House Briefing May 2nd, 1946 6:00am

May 2nd, 1946

6:00 am

War Room

The White House

Washington, DC

Please sit down. General please brief us on the situation.

Thank you sir. It appears as though the Soviets have decided to fulfill their goal of a worldwide workers paradise starting with Europe. They have launched a full scale surprise attack all along the West German border. Their stated aim to the world is to rid Germany of the B29 base we have constructed stating that "It is an obvious provocation that must be eliminated". We have no reason to believe that they have any plan to stop their attack once the base has been overrun which at the rate they are advancing will be next week.

What forces we have left in Europe were at half strength. On paper we have 22 divisions and 500 frontline tactical combat aircraft. of those 22 divisions only 2 are anywhere near combat ready. In the initial attack we lost 75% of our aircraft and 10 divisions on the frontline are out of communication at this time.

The Soviets are attacking in army and corps strength. We believe that have over 60 full front line divisions facing us in Germany with up to 7,000 frontline fighters and ground attack aircraft.

We have reports of large gaps in our front lines with Soviet heavy armor pouring through. They appear to be after our supply depots. The situation is very similar to the opening days of the Battle of the Bulge. This time however we have to contend with an enemy who can match our tactical and operational level air power plane for plane. We do not and will not have air superiority for the immediate future and neither will they.

Our artillery ordinance and fire control are superior to theirs. They have the numbers however and have used it very effectively. As of last reports their massed artillery parks are able to overcome our fewer, more sophisticated artillery arm. As you all know it is a matter of combined arms. Kind of a Rock Paper Scissors situation and right now they have two trump cards which I will get to in a moment.

The reports are that casualties are very high. So far the Soviets are using conventional weapons and systems. No biological or chemical weapons have been reported or even suspected. No secret or unexpected weapons are in use. Our strategic weapons systems are still relatively good order in the US and England.

Our nuclear capabilities are on a need to know basis and those of you who have clearance will be briefed later.

In any event we will not be using Abombs in Europe at this time. I'm sure our allies would rather be "Red than Dead" as I've heard some peaceniks chant. We know that the Soviets have penetrated the inner workings of our nuclear weapons program and know our best kept secrets. Secrets that we cannot even tell you at this time. They know how many bombs we have and exactly what the circumstances are for their use.

Earlier I mentioned that they have two trump cards at this time that they have laid on the table. The first is their heavy tanks. Their model T44 and S3 are far superior to anything we have in Europe at this time. Our M4A2 76 are hopelessly out classed and we are in the middle of phasing out the tank destroyer doctrine which some call a "dismal failure". We so have some Pershing M26 Heavy/Medium tanks that have engaged their heavies with disastrous results. We were able to counter the German heavy tanks with a combination of tactical air power and artillery.

Currently against the Reds both of those options have been negated and we are having a tough time stopping their heavy armor. The Soviet T44 and S3 are virtually unstoppable at this point from any range outside of point blank. Luckily they are in limited numbers and appear to be not very reliable.

The main armor the Soviets are using is the T34 85. A veteran of many a battle in the previous war. It still outclasses our best armor in every category an it is being deployed in huge numbers.

Our only defense to Soviet armor is close in assault tactics using bazookas and high explosive charges place directly on the vehicle. Obviously this is not acceptable and we must find a solution to counter this very real advantage.

Our previous solutions including the use of massive tactical air power and artillery barrage are not available at this time due to lack of air superiority and counter battery fire on a massive scale by the Soviet guns.

Their other advantage at the moment is in their sheer overwhelming numbers. We are well matched in the air and out manned 3 to one on the ground. Their standard frontline fighters are equal to ours in both performance and numbers on a tactical basis...

What was that Congressman?

What I mean by tactical are the actions that are close to the battle field. Tactical weapons are things like, rifles, machine guns, bazookas, ground attack aircraft, tanks. Things that are used on a small scale are close in to the battlefield and short timelines. In the case of the fighters to make it simple I'll say within sight of the ground. Their fighters are as good as ours in the lower to medium altitudes. We do have an advantage higher up but I will talk about that later.

Does that answer your question for now Congressman? Yes sir, my pleasure.

We too have advantages but we cannot bring them to bear at the moment. We have bid our time and use them as soon as we can. Our naval power is unrivaled and they will never be able to match us in sheer numbers and quality. Unfortunately the Soviets have all the resources they need contained on their own landmass. They have no need for shipping. No need for a navy.

Our navy gives us the same advantages that the British Empire had over its rivals. Mobility and the ability to hit anywhere at anytime on any coast. We can hit and run or hit and stay at our leisure as long as we have control or even parity in the air space over the battlefield.

Our second advantage is mobility. Our ground forces are faster and more mobile in every category. If the situation calls for maneuver we have the advantage. As I said before our navy gives us the capability to hit them anywhere at anytime within 400 miles of a coast along with the logistics to support a full scale invasion such as the D-Day operation.

Our third advantage is our strategic bomber force. We pounded the Nazis into surrender and we intend to do the same to the Soviets. We just have to get ourselves into position to accomplish this objective. I'm sure the Soviets have learned their lessons from WWII and are preparing counter measures as we speak. Our B29s along with their escorts can fly higher than their current frontline fighters can reach and have a 1600 mile range with escorts. If we fly without escorts the range increases by 400 miles. Until they produce a counter to our bomber force they are at a great disadvantage. As I said earlier I am sure they are aware of the problem.

They are currently in possession of 3 B29s and have had them since 1944.....

Yes Admiral ... they acquired them in the Far East Theater when our bombers were forced to land in Soviet territory during bombing raids on Japanese forces. So far they have come up with many excuses to delay their return. I’m sure the point is mute now.

If I may continue sir...thank you.

The point is that they have been studying the Super Fortress for almost a year and know it's capabilities and vulnerabilities.

They have very limited strategic air power assets. We have reason to believe that they have gathered a fair number of former German scientists, blue prints, designs and prototypes. They seem to be particularly interested in guided rockets.

Yes Senator...Yes I said guided rockets. The Germans were very advanced and tested numerous models. We can brief you offline later Senator.

We have been studying just this situation for the last 4 months and were about to publish our first draft. I would suggest that it is now our final draft.

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