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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Damn it General their getting slaughtered...

Damn it General their getting slaughtered...we have to do something!

Mr. President we have to stick with the plan. If we feed out troops in piecemeal straight off the ships it will be like putting branches in a chipper. They'll just get eaten alive one by one. We have to wait till we have the Louisville Slugger ready and hit em when they come over the plate.

This is the hardest decision we will every make. I know right now it looks like we are abandoning our troops and all the people of the Europe but we have to stick to the plan. To do anything else would be suicide. At this point we can only get 1 or 2 divisions a week over to Europe. We need 5 full Corps to even hold the line against the Reds.

Damn it Bob the press is handing us our hat and kicking us out the door. They're printing story after story about how we're turning tail and giving up without a fight. How were just giving up and letting the Ruskies take over the world. We've got the Abomb for god's sake.

Sir we have to stay committed to making the plan work. I would suggest that we cannot change horses in mid-stream.

I know the press and world opinion is against us for now and calling us cowards. For the plan to work we have to maintain strict secrecy and a need to know only policy.

We can't even tell the Brits. We have overwhelming evidence that their is a mole or moles in the British leadership. Someone is feeding the Reds every move we make. The same is true for our atomic secrets. They know more about our Abombs than I do. They know full well that we can't just bomb them back to the stone age with what we've got.

Sir in just a few more weeks and we should have enough units in place to stop them. In the mean time we have to draw them in and keep em thinking that we're running scared. The trap is almost set in France. The Navy is almost into position to give them a big welcome we just have to keep them getting closer to the coast and not thinking about anything else. That's the key. Distract them from what is really going on.

Damn it I know the plan! It's just hell watching our boys getting the shit kicked out of them.

Don't worry sir our time will come to start kickin back

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