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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, May 21, 2010

The First Raid

RAF Mildenhall
Headquarters No. 3 Group, Bomber Command
Office of Group Captain W.H. Merton
July 5th, 1946

So Ralphie I understand that we finally have a target worth going after? Not much in the way of acceptable targets since we've gotten back up to strength. The bloody Reds have moved so fast and from what MI6 tells us they don't have much of a supply trail so far. Kind of living off the land as it were. Using our own supplies to defeat us. Not very sporting I must say.

Don't worry Willy we've come up with a grand target. It's an American supply depot that the Reds are about to over run and then use. It's still going to be heavily defended by their own air cover but it should be a good test of things to come. We can gauge just how well they can counter our future raids by what they can bring to bear on this operation. Kind of a twist of fate that we should be trying to destroy US government property and the Reds trying to save it.

So it should be our Lancs and Lincolns against their Yaks and Lags eh. I've always wanted to take the measure of those Yak 9s. The Germans had a hard time of it but under different circumstances. We'll see how the Red pilots stack up to our Spits and bombers guns. Rather like attacking a porcupine while a hound is nipping at your behind. I dare say the Reds have never seen a 200 plane raid of escorted heavy bombers before.

I'm sure they will have some tricks up there sleeves and we are to be the guinea pigs. The Yanks have not yet recovered from their initial losses when they were caught on the ground. Our bombers will not be able to fly as high or fast as the Yanks Super Fortress but it should be a good indication of what to expect.

At least we won't have any ack ack to put up with. the target is still behind our lines. We just can't spare the ground forces to destroy it. It really is a perfect test run for us.
Yes Ralphie it is an odd situation but one we shall overcome. It is well within the range of our Spits. I will welcome their presence. Always good to have little friends around. I understand a few Mustangs will be joining us to add to the fun.

Yes they will handle high cover to let our Spits do what they do best lower down. Doubtless they will drop down to join the fun once things heat up. They do love to "boom and zoom" as the Yank pilots say.

They best not get into and turning fight with the Reds Yaks and Lags. That's what our Spits are for. I do hope they don't get in the way. Their time will come soon enough. From what I understand the whole strategy is to bomb the Reds to rubble and then walk into Moscow.

Sound's pretty simple but one has to wonder what Stalin was thinking. He must have studied what we did to the Krauts and Japs.

Just you make sure Ralphie that our boys are on their toes and don't get caught napping or get complacent. This is a dangerous foe that must have a plan to counter our bombers otherwise Stalin is a fool and I do not get that impression that he is.

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