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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, May 21, 2010

The French are done

June 28th, 1946
Field HQ
Northern Group of Forces (NGF)
Near Bastogne

Well Nikolai the French are finished. That was their last futile attempt to break out and they are starting to surrender in droves. I hope the cameras are working overtime for comrade Stalin's entertainment. I personally found it distasteful see the waste of so many men's brave lives on such a hopeless cause. Too bad our French communist comrades did not try harder to put a stop to it sooner.

You know Marshal Rokossovsky that they are with us now. The hero of the Free French that de Gaulle fellow has died. He was a brave but foolish man. I heard he put up quite a personal fight in one of the old forts and died very heroically. I suppose someone with a nose that big cannot help but be a hero. It was the only way to get women.

Do not speak ill of the dead Nikolai. He may have been a great man under other circumstances but as fate would have it he is now dead. Zukhov assigned us to mop up here and we did while he continues to attack along the coasts. Now it it time to unleash our armies and do what we do best. Now is the time for "deep operations". After this delay we can get on with trapping the Western forces against the sea.

We have finally made Stalin understand that cities are should not be the primary focus. The enemies armies are the key. We will be by-passing Paris and going for Le Havre where the NATO forces seem to be gathering for another Dunkirk. We will not make the same mistake that the Nazis made and will crush them with our armor or drown them in the English Channel.
Sounds like another glorious victory for the Red Army and for you personally Marshal Rokossovsky.

Yes it will be. Zukhov captured Berlin but I will win the whole of Europe for Tovarishch Stalin and the workers of the world with one lightning thrust.
It should be a glorious day Marshal.

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