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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Georgy and Vasily

I'm glad those Frenchmen have finally given up Vasily. This crawling around in these old forts was not very heroic. War is not what I had imagined. It is so noisy and confusing. How do you function so well?

Very easily Georgy...I'm mostly deaf in my left ear so I just don't hear much of what is going on so I can focus on what is in front of me. I have to rely on you to keep me from getting shot from behind. You are a good soldier Georgy. I'll keep you alive by killing things in front of us and you keep watching our backs and we will do fine.

Vasily... I have heard rumors that the Americans are giving up. They say that most of their units are nowhere to be found. Our comrades up north are complaining that there are no Yankees to kill anymore only Limeys and Frogs. The Yanks have turned and run away according to what I hear.

Why do they want to kill Yankees more than the other capitalists?

Because of the treasures they have in their pockets and their watches are amazing, Zippo lighters... According to Mikhail they have diamonds sewn in their hems of their clothes.

Don't be so stupid Georgy and don't go passing on those silly rumors. I'm sure our leaders are aware of what is going on. They will come up with a plan to crush the capitalists once and for all. You read the reports of how the capitalist pigs were using the Germans for slave labor. We have to save the workers of Western Europe from a fate worse than death. Sometimes it takes hard times to bring good times. What we are doing here will bring true freedom to the oppressed masses of the world.

You sound like a commissar Vasily.

Well I guess you have to be taught how to think Georgy. I don't want to lose you because of some misplaced counter revolutionary ideas. Just listen to me and what's behind me and I'll do the fighting and thinking for both of us. Don't worry about the disappearing Yankees. They are just running faster than we can catch up. They can't run across water so we will catch them on the coast. Our leaders have led us to victory so far. First over the Nazi pigs and now we have destroyed the French forces in front of us. Soon we will be setting the workers of Europe free and trapping the Yankees against the sea.

I just hope they give up easier than the French did.

I guess you're right Vasily. I should have more faith in our leaders. We have come so far and so fast how can we doubt them?

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