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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

June 6th, 1946
14:31 hours

Sergo come in and brief me. What have you done with all your scientists and intelligentsia I have given you over the months? Do we have the solutions you promised to counter the American B29?

Yes your excellency I believe we have. The only question is producing enough of the various weapons systems in time. I'm confident that the systems we have chosen will be able to make our losses bearable and will inflict heavy losses on the Americans and British. Again it is a matter of if we have enough time to produce them in the numbers required to cover enough of our strategic assets.

You let me worry about that. Our spys are feeding us with all the information we need. We will know when and where the large raids are going to be scheduled. This will give the army the time they need to re-base the planes and prepare the positions for the rockets you keep telling me about. To the Capitalist Pigs it will seem as though we have the entire motherland covered with an iron curtain. Everywhere they go the will run into fierce resistance.

I agree Comrade Stalin. If we can forecast where the first few targets of the raids will be we can set the trap. As far as the enemy knows it will be as if we have every possible area covered. If we have a week we can set up everything ahead of time and if our calculations are correct and the test are accurate we should be able to achieve 30% or more casualty rates. They will not be able to sustain that and will have to cancel their bombing campaign. The key is the NKVD and it agents.

I hope you are right Sergo. We have made a great gamble to secure the motherland for the following generations. If we can convince the Capitalist pigs that we have the means to defend ourselves in the short run from their terror weapons we can then make sure we have the means to defend our selves forever. They do not have the guts to meet us man to man on the battle field and will try to rely on their bombers to rain death and destruction down on us. They think they can do this with impunity. You, Sergo, have given us the chance to make even this threat too costly.

Thank you comrade Stalin. I am confident that our new weapons will work and will cause the enemy to have pause before they attack us from the skies.

One more thing Sergo. The British are planning a limited bombing raid in two weeks and we know the target. We will let this raid proceed without spoiling the surprise. We will let our conventional forces intercept the British bombers. We will save the big surprise for the arrogant Americans who think that their Super Fortress is unstoppable. From what I have been told you have used your time wisely and have made great use of the 3 B29 bombers that dropped into our laps.

Thank you comrade. We will not let the motherland be destroyed by the Capitalist terror weapons.

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