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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Kremlin

July 11th, 1946
11:23 hours

So Novikov you are confident that you can accomplish your task?
Yes your Excellency. With the limited tools that Sergo has given us, the foreknowledge of where the raids will occur and a week to prepare we can make the Americans pay for any bombing raid they attempt. On hand we have 102 of the advanced Teppop 152s we will be able to use the Vozduh-vozduh X4 weapons system. We have over 600 X4s with 50 a month being made. It is very time consuming work but Sergo has done a good job of using those thieving Poles and Jews. It must be all that practise as pick pockets that allows them to be so good with their hands.

We have had time to practise with the X4 and can realize a 58% success rate under simulated combat situations. Our hope is that the Yankee dogs will be so surprised that despite our pilots having limited combat time with the weapon we can achieve a high success rate. The X4s will be plentiful in another 12 months but right now we can only count on 613 and they have to be used for the correct purpose. With your endorsement the plan that was proposed will be adopted I'm sure. We should concentrate on the nuclear planes and let the others fall to our other weapons. Yet we have to mask our true intentions from the Americans so that they do not figure out our "magic".

The Teppops are another problem comrade Stalin. They are very complicated machines that require special metals which we cannot replicated at this time. Our German guest scientists are working on the problem but this is the most critical part of the plan. We were fortunate enough to liberate as much as we could. This is the weakness in our armor. Our true secret is that we have the X4, the Teppops to fire them, the knowledge of which planes carry the atomic weapon and the advanced knowledge of the target.

Without these things we are indeed in a hard place.

The work on the Yak 15 and MiG 9 is progressing nicely but again we will not have many. Possibly 25 of each by August. We cannot adapt them to use the X4 at this time so we project that they will be used to distract and engage the escorts while the Teppops take out the nuclear bombers and enough other bombers to make it look convincing.

Another deception will be the TU2s. They will be loaded with conventional missiles. Every 3rd missile will act erratic like it has a mind of it's own...a defect if you will that will mask the X4 and which platform is launching it. The TU2s will be the mask behind which the Teppops will hide and do their deadly business. The Teppops will be vulnerable to the American P80 jet so they must be protected and disguised.

In addition we will have our ground launched missiles as well. Again with the foreknowledge of where the attack will be we should have enough time to set...

Enough for now my lunch is here. You can brief me later in the week.

Of course comrade. Enjoy your meal.

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