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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Number 10 Downing Street

London England
6:36 hours
July 19th

So the trap has been set and the bait is in position I presume.

Most certainly Prime Minister. It will be something to behold. It all depends on how aggressive the Reds are but from what we've seen they will blunder their way into it no matter what. The common soldier is more afraid of the commissars than he is of death it self. We expect them to come in fast and furious with everything they have. The only tip off might be the massive air umbrella we are going to put up but they should expect that being so close to England.

We have tricked the Slav before and I suspect this will do it again. Old Joe will be beside himself if this works and maybe the damage will be so great he will sack his commanders. They have done an excellent job so far by the way. They are worthy opponents as the Germans found out. I do love going up against a good adversary but war is war. We shall have to plant the seeds of doubt after the plan is carried out and make it look obvious what we had in mind all along so that Zhukov and gang look like fools for falling into so obvious a trap. Maybe even make it look like they were assisting us some how. Probably a far stretch but Joe is exceedingly paranoid and mentally unstable.

This should push him over the edge and possibly cause another purge thus depriving him of his best commanders once again. My major concern is making sure the bait can get out in time.

Don't worry sir we have everything well in hand and expect that the air cover over the area will prevent any interference with the evacuation of the rear guard. There are enough Frenchmen who no longer wish to retreat and do not want to leave France to make it convincing for quite a while. If all goes as planned it should be all over in a matter of hours and the Soviets will be so stunned that it will take days to react. And even then they will be very reluctant to get near the coast again. We estimate it will take 2 weeks for them to recover and discover exactly what happened.

Well Admiral even if they don't ride into the trap it will still hold their attention and keep their eye off the ball as the Yanks say and the rear guard will still get away to fight again. Old Joe thinks this will be his answer to Dunkirk but we shall make it his Charge of the Light Brigade.

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