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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Occupational Therapy

So what do you think of the plan for controlling our "comrades" in arms Nikandr? Checks and balances, divide and conquer, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, no?.

It looks good Nikolai. You have the Poles watching the East Germans and the East Germans watching the Czechs and the Czechs watching the etc. The Ukrainians watching everyone and the us occupying the Ukraine. It should work. They distrust each other enough to make it so they will have no compunction about following regulations and stopping sabotage yet they will not be so ruthless knowing that their families are under similar occupation from an equally ruthless enemy. I think it is brilliant. Use their distrust of each other to keep each other from bothering their comrades who are at the front. Divide and conquer. Very well played Nikolai.

There will be virtually no men who are not at the front or working on the communal farms or watching for saboteurs and none of them will be home for very long. Any male caught outside of his duty station will be thrown in prison and on his way to the gulag. It will be possible to keep track of everyone for the next year anyway. Things will start to breakdown after that but in the mean time it will work.

Your "no mans land" along supply routes will help also. Anyone caught in the zone will be shot and the closest community will suffer and all routes policed by ethnic enemies who will not hesitate to shoot. It's all quite fantastically sinister and it should work. Not much chance of bribery since no-ones speaks the same language or trust each other. Where you do have problems you make examples of the occupying troops by punishing them and their loved ones back home along with the surrounding communities.

Well it's working so far. We will have to constantly rotate commands so that they do not form attachments. It is a good place to use the commissars as well. Keep them off our backs. They can command the occupation forces and teach the proletariat at the same time. One of the keys it to keep the troops rotating on an erratic time schedule. Different commanders and non-coms do thing differently despite regulations so there is little chance that patterns can be formed and used against you.

Part of their duties is to work on the communal farms and how well they produce determines how well their families eat back home.

Sounds like Capitalism Nikolai. You better be careful.

It works well that you actually let the troops go on leave back to their homes every 6 months. It gives them something to look forward to and reminds them of all they have to lose if they fail in their duties. It's good to have them look into the eyes of their loved ones less they forget how they will suffer should they aide saboteurs and rebels. Not only they will die but all of their loved ones back home will too. Rotating only 25% at a time works well too. If one deserts they all pay so they keep track of each other. Plus they guard the trains and trucks both ways.

It's brilliant that you are using married men with children as well as the occupiers. They have more to lose than bachelors with old mothers and sisters.

We use the best troops at the front and leave the cowards to occupy their neighbors and all with Czechs and balances or Bulgarians if you prefer.

Ha good one Nikolai.

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