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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Results Are In

RAF Mildenhall
Headquarters No. 3 Group, Bomber Command
Observation Deck
July 7th, 1946
178 out of 214 ... not good but not disastrous. How many fighters are missing?

They said 8 out of 48.

That' not good at all Raphie. What happened?

Just a numbers game Willie. They out numbered us 2 to one. We did pretty well considering. We will get up to our 1945 levels as we ramp up and they suffer losses. You know how it goes. Just like the last war. We have to wear them down.

Well it should get a lot better when the Americans join in. They have better, faster bombers and they will be escorted by the new jets...what do they call their Lockheed P80 again?

Shooting Star I believe.

Yes that's it. Hopefully they will release some of our Meteors for escort duty.

Yes that would be capital.

How many victories did we claim?

Hum...lets see... 58 claims but of course they have to be checked out with the gun cameras etc.

58 ... just about even per ship but we lost many more men of course with the bomber crews and all, but still not too bad for the first show. Assuming that they had their best and brightest up there and we had fairly new recruits not too bad at all. We can sustain that as long as the mission was successful.

Yes it was right on target. No more ice cream for Ivan today anyway.

When the veterans realize that one way or the other they will have to get back in it we should do substantially better. It will be a while I'm afraid before we will be able to do much in the way of night bombing. Just too damn inaccurate for these kinds of missions. As we get more Lincolns and longer legged escorts we can join the Americans in their operations down south but right now we have to wait and protect the homeland as it were.

The Reds don't really have a bomber force so there shouldn't be another Battle of Britain but they will try and destroy our fighter force. Lots of fighter sweeps and the like I presume. They can do a lot of damage even with their medium bombers as the Germans found out. I wonder if their German "guest" scientists are assisting them or if they are just locked up in some gulag. I certainly hope for the later as our "guests" are proving invaluable.

Yes I've heard I'm glad the war ended when it did. Some the of things I've seen make my hair stand on end. The Germans were very close to completing many of their wonder weapons.

Well thank God none of those weapons showed up today.

Hear, hear.

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