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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sit down Dave we need to talk.

What's this about Fred. You know that even though we're friends you can't stifle free speech in this country. The public has a right to know. So far the NATO, so called powers, are getting their ass kicked and the public has a right to know why and I've been telling em. You can't intimidate me Fred if that's what this is all about. The incompetence of this administration and our generals has to be part of the public record so this never happens again. The public has a right to know!

Calm down Dave. Just let me fill you in on a few facts that you should keep in mind. Some are all well known public facts. Easily looked up and easily verified and some I'm letting you in on off the record. Capish?

Off the record huh. Well since were old pals and all just this once I'll listen to your little speel. If I can confirm by any other source any thing that we talk about I'll print it ... Capish?

I'll take my chances Dave but his has real world consequences that can kill a lot of people if you mess up. Just keep that in mind as I fill you in.

Off the record ... currently the US has 15 half strength divisions remaining in Europe, the Brits have 7 full strength the French have ramped it up to around 15 but most are very weak and untrained.

There are only 2 US divisions capable of offensive action the rest is just cannon fodder at this point. They have just enough power to save there own skins and that is by running. There is no time to destroy bridges, supplies of anything if you want to stay a cohesive fighting force while backing up as fast as you can while the other guy is running full tilt at you.

Imagine it's the Army Navy football game and your a Navy defensive back. Army's Doc Blanchard is coming straight at you. Would you have time to run over to the bench and dump the drinking water before trying to tackle him?

You can destroy the supplies or save your life....most of our boys are into saving their life and I can't blame them.

So far from what we have been able to gather the Soviets have yet to use their own internal supplies. You know the supplies that they are carrying with them. Why should they? They just stop at the nearest supply depot fill up and move on. They are not even doing much shooting. The most critical things are spare parts for their T34 tranks.

If your tank breaks down just grab a M4 Sherman. There are plenty of spare M4 left abandoned and plenty of parts for them. Leave your broke down T34 and grab a Sherman or two. Let the second line troops fix your tank. Just keep moving is what they've been told. The Germans made great use of discarded equipment as did every army and the Reds are no different. The Soviets have the added advantage of having American Lend Lease transports both air and ground and now replacement parts are all over the place.

Now look at our situation. Think of the French in 1940. It's true we have better air cover but we're still outnumbered 3 to 1 in the air. Then you add the disadvantage of no units to fill the line. At least the French in 1940 had a huge army, probably bigger than the Germans.

Now think our boys just plain not having enough units to even physically make a cohesive defensive line. There is just too much territory to cover with 30 or so screwed up divisions.

Divisions that have to withstand a Tank Army which was slightly larger than our full corps and there are three of these for our one.

A good old fashioned carpet bombing is months away and you need a static front for that.

Bomb their supply lines. What supply lines? This is Genghis Kahn time. Rape and pillage without the burn. Military supplies including fuel where sitting around like a Walgreen's in Chicago. Just pick up some ice cream when ever you want.

Just think back a few months Dave. We had over 12 million men in arms. We were in the process of demobilizing all but 3.5 in less than 6 months. It is truly amazing. They use battleships and carriers for troop transports but you know that. One made close to 10 round trips taking back thousands at a time camped out all over her decks. It was without a doubt the biggest mass migration ever.

You also know that Truman wanted to slow it down and even stop it until we knew what the Soviets planned. And you also know who was the most vocal critic at the time don't we Dave?

Ah come on Fred how did we know that Old Joe was up to no good.

Exactly Dave and you and others like you didn't want to know.

Now I'm asking you a favor. You need to back down and little and get some of your rabble rousing buddies to come in line as well. We have a plan and we are exectuting it now but you have to trust us. If the Reds found out some of what I just told you there would be hell to pay and firing squads lined up to take care of the squealers. You catch my drift old buddy.

No Dave this is ugly...real ugly for us. This is just about as ugly as ugly can get and right now we don't need any more grief from people in the press who don't know the score card.

Alright Fred I capish. I'll back off and see what I can do. Now... how much of this is on the record?

The part where Old Joe is up to no good Dave... that part.

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