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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soviet Report May 20, 1946

Things are going well Maior. They die like flies without their air cover. Our numbers out weight their numbers. Maybe Rubin is right and the key is air-power.

Keep pushing them and capture as many supplies as we can. Leave a guard behind at the depots along with an anti-aircraft unit. We need those supplies both for us and for the others back home. We need strong factory workers to make the bullets we are putting into American and English bodies.

Our losses have been minimal and very acceptable. It will take them months to get any kind of forces from the US to try and stop us. We must keep pressing them. We have to take the ports on the channel and prevent another Dunkirk. We will not hesitate like the Nazis. We will drive them into the sea. The plan is to by-pass Paris and make a turn for the coast to trap them.

We have to keep in contact with them and cannot let them separate otherwise they will not hesitate to use their strategic bombers like they did on the Nazi pigs. They don't have the stomach to sacrifice their own people even if it means defeat.

Don't worry Marshal we shall say in their back pocket while sticking our finger up their ass. So far we have no need of artillery parks. Our tanks are so superior that the only thing slowing us down is finding fuel and the newer models breaking down. So far the imperialists cannot outrun us. We will use bikes if we have to comrade the will not separate from us.

Besides the only bombers in position are the British Lancasters and Lincolns and we have a few surprises should they try to bomb during the day like the Americans. Even our old fighters can give them a hard time just wait until they meet the newest generation. Thanks to our German "guests" we have some very interesting wonder weapons of our own.

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