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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Allan, Osten, Thank You For Coming By Dan

Stockhom - June 12th, 1946

Prime Minister Gerhardsen has, rather unofficially, raised his concerns regarding Russian interests in Finland and Norway and has suggested that they will eventually turn their attentions towards us. What are your views on the matter? Mr Vougt, what says defense?

Mr Prime Minister, from the view of the Ministry of Defense I believe that the Russians present a clear threat to our security, the threat to Finland clearer still. While they may resent our troops on their territory again, we have too much in common, too much shared heritage, not to go to their aid if they request it.

You should have been in my job instead Allan, I agree Mr Prime Minister. Culturally Finland and Sweden have much in common, we were one nation for 800 years. That only changed recently, and while no right thinking Swede would want to strip our brothers of their Independence, I would hope that they would be friendly to a suggestion of allowing our soldier to help them defend their country.

Thank you Mr Unden. Mr Vougt, what do you think to the Norwegians offer to share intelligence if we reciprocate?

We don't let the ink dry on that before we send what we have to them Mr Prime Minister. I will order a special flight immediately if you wish. I think we should make the same offer to the Finns. I have met Defence minister Kallinen previously and he strikes me as a sensible man. I see no difficulties there.

Very good gentlemen. Mr Unden, contact our ambassador to Finland, ask him to make clear to Marshal Mannerheim, our feelings of friendship and brotherhood, suggest that if a wolf is at the door, a good neighbour is there to help shoo it away. In fact, have our ambassador in Oslo make similar comments to Prime Minister Gerhardsen.

Mr Vougt, order that flight and I suggest an examination of the state of readiness of our armed forces begins immediately.

If there is no further business gentlemen? I bid you good day as I had better inform the King of what is transpiring.

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