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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kremlin

June 25th, 1946
05:13 hours
So Sokolovsky thinks he can keep me in the dark about his defeat until after he can give me a victory Novikov? I hope you know better? Explain to me very carefully why your planes did not discover these boats that did this damage?

Your excellency we have discovered that they used the combined resources of 20 aircraft carriers in a very confined space to create an air umbrella over the fleet of battleships that did this.

Let me make this clear if I may...these were not boats. Maybe they were relics of a by-gone era but they can still be considered a serious threat if we can't get at them because of the air superiority provided by both the planes from England and the carriers. We have to expect that at the focal point of the attack you can overcome strategic superiority for a limited time. That is what happened.

It was Sokolovsky's fault for not recongizing the danger and waiting to evaluate the situation further. That many resources concentrated in one area by you enemy should convince any logical person that caution is advised.

From what I understand Sololvsky ingnored...

Enough! I'll let him think he has kept me in the dark and see what "victory" he presents me with. Then I will decide his fate. You need to concentrate on providing me with such victories. Think very hard Novikov...very, very hard.

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