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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Smashing Victory!

Washington, DC
June 21st, 1946
8:10 hours
Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Well admiral that certainly floored em. How many Reds did you figure we killed?

Over 200,000 and over 700 tanks.

Quite an operation...congratulation!

Well thank you but as you know it's just a drop in the bucket. It gave the public a much needed victory. I hope they got it on film.

Yeh too bad we just don't...


At ease gentleman.

Welcome Mr. President.

Thank you General. Now explain to me again real slow why we aren't attacking after such a smashing victory.

Sir, as you may recall we had only 20 very understrength divisions in Western Europe. After the May attacks we were effectively down to 11 and again these were about half strength at most even with the stragglers from the destroyed units. Our air force in Europe was largely destroyed on the ground. All our supplies in Europw have been largely over run and are being turned against us by the Reds. Our only untouched military force is the Navy. Unlike Pearl Harbor the Navy is able to be used for offensive operations and is not just running for it's life or trying to stay alive.

Our other military arms are just not able to respond yet. It's only been 50 days since May 2nd. We're lucky that we have any forces at all left that can try and at least slow down the Reds. My god sir we just reinstated the draft 2 weeks ago! We just don't have the bodies yet much less the ability to match up supplies and transport to those bodies.

Yes we could feed them into the meat grinder of Western Europe brigade by brigade by you know as well as I do that is not the plan. We have to form a cohesive and strong defensive line. That's were all the new units are going somewhere that they won't be cannon fodder. Somewhere where they can be trained and equipped yet still on the mainland of Europe so we don't have to pull another D-Day.

Those new brigades are digging in now and setting up defensive positions in depth. So far we are only talking about 3 divisions worth of rookies. Our veterans have yet to heed the call but they will if we can only hold on till then we'll be OK.

The remaining 11 divisions that have survived the Red assault are making there way to the defensive line. Because of Operation Louisville Slugger they were able to separate themselves from the Reds and are making their way south to get re-armed and put into the line. As you know sir the defensive positions were picked a long time ago just for this contingency. We should be able to hold with 15 full strength divisions. Even with their recent losses the Reds are fielding close to 80 with more coming.

Sir, we have indications that Denmark is on the next to fall under the boot of the commies.

Are we able to assist them?

Not in any significant way sir. We can keep the Reds away from parts of the coast but we can't go to far into the Baltic at this point for fear of the Soviet Subs and mines. We could give them a hard time but we would be risking too much in my opinion. The chances of a major tactical defeat is too much for not enough gain. Again our only hope would be to slow them down and delay the inevitable.

Supply is still not a concern for the Soviets who are still living off the land and our supply depots. We have to pull them deeper into Southern France eventually and increase the length of their supply line. It will take 6 months at least before they will be able to take advantage of their newly gained territory. Believe it or not the people of some conquered countries have vaguely communist sympathies at the moment and we expect not much in the way of partisan attacks in the short run. The Soviets have been remarkably restrained compared to what they did in Germany. From what we can gather they have been treating the civilians pretty well even by our standards.

From what MI6 and G2 tell us we cannot expect any serious sabotage efforts until the fall at the earliest and then only if the Soviet soldiers strip the countryside bare and go on a rape, pillage and burn campaign. There is a very strong wait and see attitude. Workers paradise and all that crap.

General Kenney where are we on the bombing campaign?

Well sir it is just going to take time to ramp up again. We'll test their airforce within the next 30 days to see how they plan on countering the B29. As of May 1945 they had no real counter to the Superfortress but who knows what they have cooked up in the mean time. As you know sir our plan is not to hit them from England so we have to develop our other bases first. We are shooting for October to begin the destruction of the Soviet Empire. We will hit them and hit them hard but in the meantime we have to concentrate on building up the infrastructure and counting on the Army to keep them away from our new bases.

We know that Stalin is aware of our lack of atom bombs and the means to deliver them so we have to be real careful in using the 6 we have on hand currently. The Pit should be done in England by the middle of July. If the correct target presents itself we may try and fly a raid with a couple of Abombs just to let the public know we are striking back and to encourage any rebellions in the Soviets newest allies. Per your policy we will stay away from using the Abomb in Western Europe.

We have very limited knowledge on where a good target might be that is within fighter range. I'm not sending in naked bombers until we know their defensive capabilities. The few conventional bombing raids the Brits have launched were met with stiff resistance but nothing we haven't seen before. Their losses were acceptable. They have yet to reach very far into enemy territory however. Their raids have involved less then 300 bombers and the losses were under 15% which is high but again acceptable at this stage in the war.

It does more harm than good to bomb blind at night on our former allies in Europe. Their factories are in ruins still and their cities burned out. We have to be patient and wait till we can reach out and hit the Soviets where it hurts and then hit them hard in conjunction with our counter attacks.

So Admiral it sounds like the navy will be our left jab for the time being. Moving and sticking and moving to keep em off balance. Is that the plan?

Yes Mr. President. Using our mobility we will use our conventional forces to run interdiction raids, concentrate on supply depots and to keep them away from the coasts as much as possible and we will be able to assist greatly at the flanks of the projected defensive line that is being implemented as we speak. We will be busy sir and I'm sure old Ivan will feel our jabs until we can follow up with a right hook or so.

So let me put this into boxing terms. The Navy and Marines keep jabbing and moving and wearing em out. The Airforce goes for the body and makes em drop their hands. Then in the end the Army starts throwing haymakers until we connect with the head. We wear em down and then knock em out. Is that about it gentlemen?


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