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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The True Numbers Must Never Reach the Kremlin

Field Head Quarters of the Northern Forces
Office of Marshal Sokolovsky

June 20th, 1946
10:34 hours

This is a catastrophe. This is a calamity! How could this have happened? Who is responsible? Where was the air force? Get me Novikov on the wait! What can I do...what can I do? How could this operation have gone so wrong? We have to think of something. Some way to appease comrade Stalin. Andrey do something. Think of something or it's our heads.

Well maybe we could appease the Kremlin by giving them a quick victory...say Denmark? We weren't supposed to attack until after France was defeated but ...

That's it! Order Bagramyan and his 10 fastest divisions to take Copenhagen and close off the Baltic from the English pigs. Yes that will soften the blow. Get me General Bagramyan on the line NOW!

General Bragramyan you are ordered to take 10 of our fastest and most powerful divisions and capture Copenhagen. Yes Denmark! I want Copenhagen and the Baltic closed to the capitalist navy in 5 days. I'll give you everything you need...Don't worry about politics Bragramyan just get moving and attack! Let nothing stand in your way. This is a direct order!

But comrade General we cannot attack a sovereign nation until we are ordered too.

I have learned over my career that it is better to accomplish a difficult task first and then ask for forgiveness later after a great victory.

In the mean time keep this news from reaching the Kremlin. Hopefully the capitalists will want to wait a few days to announce what they did. Those tanks and all those men lost. What did this Andrey? Is this their atomic bomb at work?

No Marshal we have ample evidence that it was a massive naval bombardment. From the testimony of the survivors and evidence from unexploded ordinance suggest that it was done by naval units.

Ships...This was done by Ships! Why were they not discovered and sunk? Where were our planes? WHERE WERE OUR PLANES!

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